Master of Engineering

The Systems Engineering degree is a multidisciplinary program that includes a blend of engineering, systems thinking, and management subjects. Graduates from this program will be prepared to work effectively at the interface between engineering and management and to assume professional positions of increasing responsibility. The Master's program consists of ten courses (six core courses, which includes one project and the option to choose from 5 specialty certificate course electives - 4 courses each).


6 Core Courses in Systems Engineering and Architecting

SYS 625 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering

SYS 650 System Architecture and Design

SYS 605 System Integration and Test

SYS 611 Modeling and Simulation

SYS 660 Decision and Risk Analysis

SYS 800 Masters Project


Specialty Certificate Options

  • Software Engineering
  • Networked Information Systems
  • Secure Network Systems Design
  • Advanced Systems Engineering


The Specialty Certificate Options provide 6 courses that can be integrated into the course requirements for the Masters program in Systems Engineering.

Specialty Certificate Options

Software Engineering

  • SSW 540 Fundamentals of Software Engineering
  • SSW 533 Software Estimation and Measurement
  • SSW 567 Software Testing, Quality Management and Maintenance
  • SSW 689 Software Systems Reliability Theory and Practice

Networked Information Systems

  • CP 560 Introduction to Networked Information Systems
  • NIS 565 Management of Local Area Networks
  • NIS 591 Introduction to Multimedia Networking
  • NIS 604 Analytical Methods for Network

Secure Network Systems Design

  • EE 584 Wireless Systems Security
  • CPE 592 Computer and Multimedia Network Security
  • CPE 654 Design and Analysis of Network Systems
  • CPE 691 Information Systems Security

Advanced Systems Engineering

  • SYS 750 Advanced Systems and Software Architecture Modeling and Assessment
  • SYS 655 Robust System Design
  • SYS 645 Design for Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability
  • SYS 681 Dynamic Modeling of Systems and Enterprises