The Stevens Institute of Technology FSAE is comprised of students from a variety of majors, brought together with a common interest in designing, building, and testing one-off, open-wheel racecars. Formula SAE is an annual international competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Each year, universities and colleges from around the world participate in the competitions, where teams are judged based on the design, performance and cost of their cars.


Latest News

Stevens FSAE Entry for 2011 is a culmination of the 2010 and 2011 Senior Design groups. Picking up where the 2010 Senior Design group left off, the 2011 Senior Design Team started their work by reviewing what was done, what needed to be revised, and what needed to be designed. This led to a redesign of the steering tie-rod mounts, the cutting of new axles, and the development of a new fuel system, among various other tasks. A small redesign of the chassis was also necessary in order to meet 2011 frame specifications. The team also found that the existing crash attenuator did not meet FSAE specs during testing at Kettering University so an attenuator made from Dow Impaxx 700 foam was purchased. Firewalls & floorboards were also fitted to the car, along with a custom electrical system that manipulated the stock Yamaha motorcycle wiring harness and features the addition of FSAE mandated kill switches and brake light. The team is happy to announced that a Custom tune, done by Ida Automotive has been created for their Yamaha R6 Motor (special thanks to Bay Cycles for helping to find the motor) and suspension and brake testing has been started. The team is looking forward to going to Michigan on May 10th and are ready to dominate at competititon.


Current Progress

To follow the progress of the 2011 Stevens Formula SAE team, check out the project BLOG and Facebook Fan Page!


2011 Competition: May 11-14

The 2011 Senior Design group and Formula SAE Team are once again bringing a car to the competition in Michigan this May!  If you are serious about designing, fabricating, and racing your own Formula style racecar, join the team!

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