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    Prospective Graduate Students

    Stevens realizes that students seeking advanced degrees are financially independent and must balance the costs of their studies with other obligations. To assist graduate students, Stevens has a wide variety of convenient financing options from a variety of sources. Even students taking only one course at a time before matriculating into a degree program can borrow at low rates from a variety of private lenders. Students matriculated into a degree program and enrolled in at least six credits a semester also qualify for loans from the Federal government. Even international students with a US co-signer can apply for some loan programs.

    Many Stevens graduate students are sponsored by their employers. We encourage you to check at your place of employment about tuition benefits. Arrangements can be made to defer your bill until the end of the semester if your company does not make the payment at the beginning of the term. Or, if there are a number of employees from the same site enrolled in Stevens courses, a direct billing arrangement can be made between Stevens and the employer.

    Full-time graduate students are also eligible for scholarships and graduate assistantships. Assistantships offer students the opportunity to teach or conduct research with Stevens faculty members while offering tuition support and a stipend for living expenses. Students interested in assistantships should contact the Department in which they plan to study. Funding for many assistantships is made available by research grants secured by Stevensí faculty.

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