Dr. Kishore Pochiraju

School: Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Room: Carnegie 301
Phone: 201.216.8053
Fax: 201.216.8963
Email: kishore.pochiraju@stevens.edu
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Warangal (Previously known as Regional Engineering College), 1986
  • Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Inst. of Technology, Kanpur, 1988
  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, 1993
  • Property degradation and damage evolution in engineered lightweight structures - impact on durability and use-life 
  • Design of high performance polymer composite systems for applications requiring shape memory, thermal/electrical conductivity and stability in high-temperature/extreme environments
  • High-resolution multi-physics computational modeling
  • Environment sensing and perception
General Information

My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms and the effects of mechanical, chemical and thermal degradation processes on system behaviors at component, sub-system and system levels; and at micro-, macro- and structural scales. Design and insertion of new material systems,  perception of operating environments, and adaptation to harsh/extreme environment are also of considerable interest. This research has broad impact on realizing high-performance and durable structures and systems for aerospace and robotics applications.



Academic Experience :

  • Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Founding Director, Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship at Stevens (IDEaS). 
  • Director, Design and Manufacturing Institute
  • Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Research Associate, Design and Manufacturing Institute,
    Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ 07030

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Composite Materials,
    University of Delaware, Newark DE

Industrial Experience:

  • Programmer Analyst-II, Tata Engineering, Jamshedpur, India, 1988
  • Engineer Trainee, Ind-Suzuki, Bangalore, India, 1986
Institutional Service
  • Chair, Schaefer School of Engineering and Science Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2018-
  • Member, Mechanical Engineering Department Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2015-
  • Member, Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2007- 2015
  • Member, Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee, 2005-2006
Professional Service
  • American Society for Composites – Vice President (2018-2019) Recording Secretary (2016-2017); Member-at-Large (2014-2015), Chair – Durability and Damage Tolerance Division (2010-2013)
  • American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME):  Member Advanced Materials and Processing Technical Committee; Member, ASME Committee on Computing in Applied Mechanics (CONCAM)
  • Editorial Board Member: Journal of Computational Design and Engineering, Society for CAD/CAM Engineers
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Founding Director, Program for Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship at Stevens ( IDEaS portal )
Honors & Awards

1999 Harvey N. Davis Distinguished Teaching Assistant Professor award.

2000 Harvey N. Davis Distinguished Teaching Assistant Professor award.

2011 Provost’s Award for Academic Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development.

2015 Alexander Crombie Humphrey’s  Distinguished Associate Professor Teaching Award.

2019 Master of Engineering Honoris Causa, Stevens Institute of Technology 

  • Most Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays - Email to set up the time.
Professional Societies
  • Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • Member, American Society for Composites
  • Member, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


Patents & Inventions
  •  (US Patent #8462681, 2013)  Pochiraju, K., Gebre, B., & Men, H. Method and apparatus for adaptive transmission of sensor data with latency controls.
  • (PCT - WO06107664, 2006 - US 20130054187 A1)  Zhu, Z., Cui, H., Pochiraju, K. Flexible parallel manipulator for nano-, meso-or macro-positioning with multi-degrees of freedom 
Selected Publications
  1. Liu, W., Wu, N. and K. Pochiraju. (May 2018). " Shape recovery characteristics of SiC/C/PLA composite filaments and 3D printed parts", Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Elsevier. 108 1-11.  Article URL  .
  2. MK. Burns, Patel V, Florescu I, Pochiraju KV, Vinjamuri R.. (2017). "Low-Dimensional Synergistic Representation of Bilateral Reaching Movements. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology", 2017;5:2. doi:10.3389/fbioe.2017.00002.
  3. J. Liang and K. Pochiraju. (Jun 2015). "A methodology for the estimation of transverse failure strength of an oxidized lamina from isothermal aging studies, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing", 73 101-108.
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Book Chapters
  1. H. Men and K. V. Pochiraju. "Algorithms for 3D Map Segment Registration ", Depth Map and 3D Imaging Applications: Algorithms and Technologies, Also appeared in: Geographic Information Systems: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. IGI Global, 2013. 502-528. doi: 10.4018/ 978-1-4666-2038 -4.ch031. 56-86.
  2. Ed. Robert Crane. "Environmental Durability of Polymer Matrix Composites", Nondestructive Evaluation and Structural Health Monitoring, Tandon, G. P and K. Pochiraju, Series: Comprehensive Composite Materials II, 2nd Edition Carl H. Zweben and Peter Beaumont, Book ISBN: 9780081005330.  Article  .
Conference Proceedings
  1. W. Liu, Wu N, and Pochiraju K. (2016). "Shape Recovery Characteristics of 3D Printed Soft Polymers and Their Composites. ASME", ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Volume 14: Emerging Technologies; Materials: Genetics to Structures; Safety Engineering and Risk Analysis, pp. V014T11A027. doi:10.1115/IMECE2016-67286. .
  2. P. Kakanuru and K. Pochiraju. (2016). " Micromechanical Modeling of oxidation Induced stresses in SIC/SIC Composites", ASC 31th Technical Conference, Williamsburg, VA.
  3. W. Liu and K. Pochiraju. (2016). "Back-Pressure Stall Prediction in Eductor-Jet Pumps", 46th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference, AIAA AVIATION Forum, (AIAA 2016-3814).
  4. K. Pochiraju and S. Narain. (2015). "Cyber Physical System Integration and Configuration Guided by Satisfiability Modulo Theories", 2015 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration, San Francisco, CA. doi: 10.1109/IRI.2015.93. 589-592.
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  1. Springer, 2012. Long Term Durability of Polymer Matrix Composites, K. V. Pochiraju, G. P. Tandon, and G. A. Schoeppner Editors (2012), ISBN: 978-1-4419-9307-6. 677.  Get it Online  .
  • ME 520 Analysis and Design of Composites
  • ME 635 Modeling and Simulation
  • ME 658 Advanced Mechanics of Solids
  • E 121 Engineering Design I
  • E 122 Engineering Design II