Dr. Edward Friedman

School: School of Business
Building: Babbio Center
Room: 429A
Phone: 201.216.5188/917-476-1977
Fax: 201.216.5385
Email: friedman@stevens.edu
  • Ph.D.  Physics  Columbia University in 1963.
  • S.B., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1957

Role of Technology and Technology Management in Global Development;

See: http://howe.stevens.edu/research/research-centers/global-development/overview/

Role of Text Search in Learning; Applications of Internet in Enhancing Learning and Human Performance: Applications of Expert Systems for Medical Diagnosis in Resource Limited Countries

General Information
  • Director Designate Baharicom Labs, 2010-Present
  • Professor Emeritus of Technology Management, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2007 - Present
  • Founder and Director, Stevens Center for Technology Management for Global Development, 2004-Present
  • Founder and Director, Stevens Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE), 1988-2004.
  • Professor of Technology Management, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1985-Present.
  • Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1983-1985.
  • Dean of the College, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1973-1983
  • Director, U.S. AID Engineering College Development Program, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1970-1973.
  • Associate Professor of Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1967-1970
Professional Service


Keynote address - International COnference on Role of Information Technology in Society organized by the Free University of Varna, Bulgaria, June 26, 2008, "Informatics Applications in Medical Diagnosis for Developing Countries."

Keynote Address at International Workshop for Representatives of nine countries of Southern Africa organized by the United Nations Development Program in Maputo, Mozembiques, "IT Applications in Health Care," May 6, 2007

Keynote Address at Mathematics Society of South-Eastern Europe 2nd International Congress in Paphos, CYprus, "As Internet Permeates the Ether- Challenges and Opportunities," June 1, 2006

Keynote Address at International Workshop for Representatives of nine countries of Southern Africa organized by the United Nations Development Program in Maseru, Lesotho, "Overview of e-Health Applications," March 28, 2006

Annual Invited National Lecture on Technology and Education in Costa Rica, "The Scientific and Social Potential of the Educational USe of the Internet," October 17, 2002

Honors & Awards
  • Edwin A. Stevens Excellence in Educational Outreach Award, Stevens Institute of Technology,
  • Doctor of Science in Mathematics, Honoris Causa, Sofia University, Bulgaria, 2000
  • Pride of New Jersey Albert Einstein Education Award, 1992.
  • Fulbright Visiting Fellow, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1992.
  • Master of Engineering, Honoris Causa, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1983.
  • Highest Educational Medal, Government of Afghanistan, 1973.
  • Research Award, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1973 (laser light scattering, with R.D. Andrews).
  • Citation for Outstanding Service, Kabul University, 1967.


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Professional Societies
  • Member, Editorial Board of Serdica, Journal of Computing, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2007 - Present 
  • Executive Board, Teaching Matters, Inc., 1995-Present
  • Executive Board, Best Practices in Education., 1998-2003
  • Member, New Jersey Department of Education Task Force to Develop A Long-Range Plan for Educational Technology, 1992.
  • Member, New Jersey Department of Higher Education General Education Advisory Council, 1990.
  • Member, Committee on Research and Development of The College Board, 1987-1991 & 1996-1999.
  • Member of the Review Panel for Research Programs at Educational Testing Service. Princeton, NJ, 1983-1992; Chair, 1987-1990.
  • Founding Co-Editor, International Journal, Machine-Mediated Learning, 1983 - 1989
  • Member, Task Force on the Use of Educational Technology of the American Society for Engineering Education Quality in Engineering Project, 1986.
  • Member of the Review Committee for the Division of Policy Research and Analysis of the National Science Foundation, 1983-1985.
  • Referee: National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Education, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Association of American Colleges, Consortium for the Advancement of Private Higher Education, Annenberg/CPB Project.
Selected Publications
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Conference Proceedings
  1. E. A. Friedman, M. Peter Jurkat and Roger S. Pinkham. (Mar 1990). "Computer Integration in U.S. Secondary School Mathematics", Seventh International Conference on Technology and Education, Brussels, Belgium. 1 314-316.