Thomas Cattabiani

School: Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department: Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Building: McLean
Room: 212
Phone: 201.216.5536
Fax: 201.216.8196

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Confocal Microscopy

Ovarian Cancer Research with the Iwanicki Lab

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Selected Publications
  1. Farsinejad, et al.. (Dec 6, 2019). "Ovarian Cancer Dissemination - A Cell Biologist's Perspective", Cancers, MDPI. 11 (12), 1957.  view online  .
  2. Shah, MB et al. (Sep 28, 2018). "Novel Spiral Structured Nerve Guidance Conduits with Multichannels and Inner Longitudinally Aligned Nanofibers for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration", Journal of Biomaterials Research (PartB), Wiley. DOI: 10.1002/jbm.b.34233.
  3. (2017). "Russian Propolis Ethanol Extracts for the Prevention of Biomedical Implant Contaminations", Phytomedicine, 30 50-58.
  4. (2012). "Novel Synthesis and Functionalization of ortho-ortho Disubstituted Biphenyls and a Highly Condensed Novel Heterocycle using Radical Cyclization Reaction", Tetrahedron, 68 9750-9762.
  1. Cattabiani, TM. (Oct 23, 2019). "A Hospital Grows in Serbia", Moravian College.
  2. Cattabiani et al. (Sep 20, 2018). "Modulation of Non-muscle Myosin II Activity Defines Cell Populations that Initiate Dissemination of Ovaran Cancer", Institute for Molecular Genetics, Prague, Czech Republic. FEBS cytoskeleton conference,  Download  .
  • BIO 281 Biology and Biotechnology
  • BIO 282 Introductory Biology Laboratory
  • BIO 381 Cell Biology
  • BIO 382 Biological Systems
  • BIO 484 Introduction to Molecular Genetics
  • BIO 684 Molecular Biology Laboratory Techniques