Jia Xu

School: Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department: Computer Science
Building: Gateway South Building
Room: 451
Email: jxu70@stevens.edu

Ph.D. RWTH-Aachen University

Diplom TU-Berlin


Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Honors & Awards
WMT 2018 Hunter 1st  French-English Biomedical track 
team leader 
WMT 2017 Hunter 1st (w.r.t. BLEU) Finnish-English News track 
team leader 
NIST 2015 ICT-DCU 1st and 4th  1st (academic inst.) and 4th (overall)
team leader and main contributor 
WMT 2011 DFKI 1st (w.r.t. BLEU)  English-German News track 
team leader 
Grants, Contracts & Funds
NSF grant  299,000 USD Co-PI 2018-2023 IUCRC Phase I Rutgers, Newark: Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics (CARTA) 1747728
Patents & Inventions

Unsupervised Chinese Word Segmentation for Statistical Machine Translation. Jianfeng Gao, Kristina Nikolova Toutanova and Jia Xu

Selected Publications
Conference Proceedings
  1. P. A. Papakonstantinou, J. Xu, G. Yang (authors alphabetically ordered). "On the Power and Limits of Distance-Based Learning".
  2. Zhixian Lei, Xuehan Ye, Yongcai Wang, Deying Li, Jia Xu. "On the Efficient Online Model Adaptation by Incremental Simplex Tableau".
  3. Hoang Cuong and Jia Xu. "Assessing Quality Estimation Models for Sentence-Level Prediction", Proceedings of COLING.
  1. Abdul Rafae Khan, Asim Karim, Hassan Sajjad, Faisal Kamiran, and Jia Xu. "A Clustering Framework for Lexical Normalization of Roman Urdu".
  2. Tianyuan Sun, Yongcai Wang, Deying Li, Zhaoquan Gu, and Jia Xu. "WCS: Robust Network Localization by Weighted Component Stitching".