Majeed Simaan

Building: BC
Room: 514
Phone: 201-216-5418

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) 2018
Ph.D. in Finance with dissertation focus on Financial Institutions and Risk Management

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 2013
Pursuing research at the Risk and Stochastics Group, Department of Statistics

Tel Aviv University (TAU) 2012
Pursuing graduate training in Finance and Economic Theory

University of Haifa 2010
MA Statistics (Hons) major in Actuarial Science
BA Statistics



  • Banking and Risk Management 
  • Financial Networks and Interconnectedness 
  • Portfolio and Asset Allocation Theory
  • Statistical Learning and Textual Analysis


  • Gupta, A., Kar, K., & Simaan, M. Filtering for Risk Assessment of Interbank Network (Forthcoming in the European Journal of Operational Research 2019)

  • Simaan, M. & Simaan, Y. Rational Explanation for Rule-of-Thumb Practices in Asset Allocation (Forthcoming in Quantitative Finance 2019)

  • Simaan, M., Simaan, Y., & Tang, Y. (2018). Estimation error in mean returns and the mean-variance efficient frontier. International Review of Economics & Finance, 56, 109-124.
  • Gupta, A., Simaan, M., & Zaki, M. J. (2016). Investigating Bank Failures Using Text Mining. Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence.


  • Clark, B., Francis, B., & Simaan, M. Risk Taking, Diversification, and the U.S. Bank Size Anomalies (under review)
  • Clark, B., Edirisinghe, C., & Simaan, M. Estimation Risk and Implicit Value of Index-Tracking (under review)
  • Gupta, A., Simaan, M., & Zaki, M. J. When Positive Sentiment is Not so Positive: Textual Analytics and Bank Failures (being revised)


  • Gultekin M. & Owusu, A. & Shohfi, T. & Simaan, M. Do Analysts Reports Still Have Value? Evidence from Machine Learning
  • Simaan, M. & Simaan, Y. A Simple Mean-Variance-Skewness Paradigm for Asset Allocation
  • Clark, B. & Lo, A. & Siddique, A. & Simaan, M. Value of Location and Communities in Credit Derivatives Markets
  • Boudt, K. & Simaan, M. & Cela, M. In search of return predictability: Evidence from machine learning and tactical allocation in R
  • Simaan, M. Global Minimum Variance Portfolio: A Horse Race of Volatilities


Professional Service
  • Member of the Financial Management Association

  • Member of the Eastern Finance Association

  • Active Contributor to the R in Finance community 

  • Ad-hoc referee to European Journal of Operational Research, International Review of Economics, and Finance, European Financial Management, Decision Sciences Journal, and Asia Pacific Journal of Financial Studies
  • FE 535 Introduction to Financial Risk Management