Jae Chul Kim

School: Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department: Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Building: Burchard
Room: 010B
Phone: 201-216-5286
Email: jkim7@stevens.edu
  • PhD (Materials Science and Engineering 2014) - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Thesis: Design of Novel Lithium Storage Materials with a Polyanionic Framework (Advisor: Gerbrand Ceder)
  • ME (Materials Science and Engineering 2007) - Korea University
    • Thesis: Microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of Sm2Ti2O7 thin films (Advisor: Sahn Nahm)
  • BE (Materials Science and Engineering 2005) - Korea University
    • Graduated with Honors

My research is dedicated to tackle challenging issues in the green technology by offering new transformative ideas for the development of advanced energy storage platforms. To achieve this mission, my group aims to provide design principles for energy-related materials based on understanding of how their structure and chemistry together determine the properties. It is our strength that we carry out highly interdisciplinary research at the intersection of materials science, inorganic chemistry, applied electrochemistry, and chemical engineering.

Our research topics include the development of electrochemical materials for energy storage, analytic methods for micro-scale impedance spectroscopy, and tools for in situ structural characterization. We also address issues in scalable processing of inorganic solid electrolytes for low-cost all-solid-state batteries.

Battery materials design and recycling

  • Li-ion batteries and beyond
  • All-solid-state batteries
  • Energy-dense anode materials

Electrochemical and structural characterization of materials

  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • In situ photon total scattering and Rietveld refinement

Scalable inorganic materials processing

  • Low-temperature ceramic processing
  • Flexible membrane fabrication
General Information
  • Office hours: Tuesday 3:00-4:30 pm, walk-in visit.
  • Google scholar (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=I7VUCawAAAAJ&hl=en)
  • Openings about RA and Postdoc positions are posted in the research website.
  • Visiting Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University (2020-Present)
  • Postdoc, Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2015-2018)
  • Postdoc, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT (2014-2015)
Professional Societies
  • American Ceramic Society
  • Materials Research Society
  • Electrochemical Society
Selected Publications
  1. J. C. Kim, D.-H. Kwon, J. Yang, H. Kim, S. H. Bo, L. Wu, H. Kim, D.-H. Seo, T. Shi, J. Wang, Y. Zhu, and G. Ceder*. (2020). "Direct observation of alternating octahedral and prismatic sodium layers in O3-type transition metal oxides", Adv. Energy Mater., In press 2001151.
  2. J. Han, J. S. Chae, J. C. Kim*, and K. C. Roh*. (2020). "Facile preparation of composite electrodes for supercapacitors by CNT entrapment into carbon matrix derived from pitch at a softening point", Carbon, 163 402.
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  • CHE 234 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • MT 602 Principles of Inorganic Materials Synthesis
  • CHE 700 Seminar in Chemical Engineering
  • MT 700 Seminar in Materials Science and Engineering