Samantha Muka

Building: Morton
Room: 338
Phone: 3401

Phd (2014) History and Sociology of Science; Unversity of Pennsylvania

M.A.(2008) History and Philosophy of Science; Florida State University

B.A. (2005) Literature; Florida State University 

Honors & Awards

2017 Smithsonian Insitution Post Doctoral Fellow


Selected Publications
Book Chapters
  1. Samantha Muka. (2016). "Marine Biology", A Companion to the History of American Science, Georgina Montgomery and Mark Largent, Wiley Blackwell .
  2. Samantha Muka. (2016). "Imagining the Sea: The impact of marine field work on scientific portraiture", Soundings and Crossings: Doing Science at Sea 1800-1970, Katharine Anderson, Helen M. Rozwadowski, Science History Publications.
  1. Samantha Muka. (2014). "Outsider Science: Class, Gender, and the Scientific Career of Ida M. Mellen", Journal of the History of Biology, 47 (1), 29-61.
  2. Samantha Muka. (2016). "The right tool and the right place for the job: the importance of the field in experimental neurophysiology, 1880-1945", History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences , 7 (38), 1-29.