James Rowland

Building: Altorfer
Room: 416
Email: jrowland@stevens.edu
  • M.S. (Computer Science) - May, 1983 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • B.S. (Computer Science and Psychology) -  May, 1981 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Software Engineering and System Development
General Information

Jim Rowland is a new faculty member in the School of Systems and Enterprise, teaching classes in Software Engineering, Agile Methods, and Software Testing. 

Before joining the Stevens faculty, Jim spent more than thirty years at AT&T Labs Research as Director of Applied Data Mining Research and at Bell Labs as a Technical Manager, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, and Member of Technical Staff. He served as manager, project leader, architect, and developer on a variety of advanced development projects in a number of technology domains including Big Data, data mining, machine learning, automatic speech recognition, text to speech synthesis, encryption, digital rights management, audio compression, e-commerce, and expert systems. 

Patents & Inventions
  • Goodnow, J.S., Rowland, J.R., and Kowalski, T.J. "Method Of Identifying Similarities In Code Segments ", 1995. 
  • Goodnow, J.S., Rowland, J.R., and Kowalski, T.J. "A Method And Apparatus For Detecting Memory Access Errors ", 1994. 
  • Kowalski, T.J., Peman, M.J., and Rowland, J.R. "Methods And Apparatus For Optimizing Decision Making", 1994.