Dr. Aron Lindberg

School: School of Business
Building: Babbio Center
Room: 630
Phone: 201.216.3391
Email: aron.lindberg@stevens.edu

Ph.D., Management Information Systems, Case Western Reserve University, 2015


Aron Lindberg primarily studies complex design processes, in particular as they are mediated by crowds (e.g., open source, wikis, virtual worlds) and algorithms (e.g., semiconductor chip design, virtual world design). He often utilizes digital trace data and combines qualitative and computational methods geared towards theory development.


Selected Publications
  1. Grover, V., Lindberg, A., Banbasat, I., Lyytinen, K. (2020). "The Perils and Promises of Big Data Research in Information Systems", Journal of the Association for Information Systems.
  2. Lindberg, A., Berente, N., Gaskin, J., Lyytinen, K. (2016). "Coordinating Interdependencies in Online Communities: A Study of an Open Source Software Project", Information Systems Research.
  3. Xiao, X., Lindberg, A., Hansen, S., Lyytinen, K. (2018). "'Computing' Requirements in Open Source Software Projects", Journal of the Association for Information Systems.
  4. Aron Lindberg. (2020). "Developing Theory through Human & Machine Pattern Recognition", Journal of the Association for Information Systems.
  5. Arazy, O., Lindberg, A., Samorani, M., Rezaei, M. (2020). "The Evolutionary Trajectories of Peer-Produced Artifacts: Group Composition, the Trajectories Exploration and Artifact Quality", MIS Quarterly.
  • MIS 699 Digital Innovation
  • BT 466 Data Analytics