Dr. Aron Lindberg

Building: Babbio Center
Room: 630
Phone: 201.216.3391
Email: aron.lindberg@stevens.edu
  • Ph.D., Management Information Systems, Case Western Reserve University, 2015
  • M.Sc., Business Administration & Economics, Stockholm University, 2009

Instructor at Case Western Reserve University:

  • Business Analytics, Spring 2015
  • Structural Equations Modeling Workshop, Spring 2014
  • Introduction to Information Systems, Fall 2013 
  • Basic Multivariate Statistics Seminar, Spring 2013
  • Structural Equations Modeling Workshop, Spring 2013

Professional experience:

  • IDOBORG, INC., Sweden, General Manager, 2009-2010
  • HEADWAY BUSINESS SERVICES INC., Philippines, Outsourcing Consultant, 2008-2009
  • SIEMENS LTD., China SAP Business Analyst, 2007-2008
  • AIESEC Sweden, President, 2006-2007
Selected Publications
Conference Proceedings
  1. Lindberg, A., Xiao, X., Lyytinen, K. (2014). "Theorizing Modes of Open Source Software Development", 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
  2. Lindberg, A., Gaskin, J., Berente, N., Lyytinen, K. (2014). "Exploring Configurations of Affordances: The Case of Software Development", Proceedings of the 20th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Savannah, GA.
  3. Lindberg, A. (2014). "Exposing The Hidden Work of Open Organizing Practices", Digital Societies Summer Institute, Columbia, MO.
  4. Lindberg, A. (2014). "The Role of Routines in Explaining Coordination of Open Source Software Development", Doctoral Consortium, International Conference on Information Systems, Auckland, New Zealand.
  1. Lindberg, A., Berente, N. (2014). "Aligning Information Processing Capabilities and Gaps in Open Source Software Development", Academy of Management Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.
  2. Gaskin, J., Berente, N., Lindberg, A., Zhang, Z., Um, S., Yoo, Y., Lyytinen, K. (2014). "Organizational Genetics: Detecting Evolution and Variation in Process Data", Professional Development Workshop, Academy of Management Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.
  3. Lindberg, A., Berente, N, Lyytinen, K.. (Apr 8, 2014). "Why Do Open Source Software Development Patterns Vary? An Information Processing Analysis", Institute for Software Research, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA.
  4. Lindberg, A. & Gaskin, J.. (2013). "Capitalizing Upon the Changing Virtual Landscape of Learning & Education", Professional Development Workshop, Academy of Management Meeting, Orlando, FL.
Book Chapters
  1. Lindberg, A. & Lyytinen, K.. (2013). "Towards A Theory of Affordance Ecologies", Materiality and Space: Organizations, Artefacts and Practices, de Vaujany, F. & Mitev, N., Palgrave Macmillan, New York, NY.
  1. Gävert, E. and Lindberg, A.. (2009). Building Consensus: How Individuals Influence Groups, Saarbrücken VDM Verlag.
  • MIS 699 Managing Emerging Information Technology