Dr. Elaine Henry

School: School of Business
Building: Babbio Center
Room: 408
Phone: 201-216-3688
Email: ehenry1@stevens.edu
  • Ph.D., Accounting, Rutgers University, 2005
  • MBA, Harvard Business School, 1981
  • BBA, Accounting, & BA English, Millsaps College 1977 & 1975
  • Fordham University, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Accounting & Taxation, and Director, Fordham CFA Program Partner Initiative, Bronx, NY, 2012 to 2015
  • University of Miami School of Business Administration, Coral Gables, FL, Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting, 2005 to 2012.
  • Citibank, New York, London, Athens, Senior Banker, Vice-President, 1987-2001.
  • McKinsey & Company, New York, Hong Kong, Management Consultant, 1983-1986.
  • Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb, New York, Associate, Corporate Finance, 1981-1983.
Honors & Awards

Bright Idea Award, Publications of New Jersey’s Business Faculty, 16 ed., 2017

Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship Award, 2003

Citibank Global Corporate Bank, Global Relationship Banking Award, 1998, in recognition of role as transactor in cross-border acquisition financing on the basis of creativity, leadership, cross-organizational cooperation.

Professional Societies
  • American Accounting Association, International Accounting Section President 2019-2020, former treasurer
  • Beta Gamma Sigma honor society
  • American Accounting Association
  • CFA Institute. Charterholder and member
  • CFA NY (formerly NYSSA. NY Society of Security Analysts)
  • HBS Club of New York
  • CFA Miami. Former member and treasurer 
Selected Publications
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  2. Elaine Henry and Marietta Peytcheva. (2019). "Joint Effects of Boilerplate and Text Markup on the Judgments of Novice and Experienced Users of Financial Information.", Behavioral Research in Accounting, forthcoming.
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  1. Elaine Henry, Thomas R. Robinson, Wendy L. Pirie, and Michael A. Broihahn. (2015). International Financial Statement Analysis, Wiley. 3rd edition.
  2. Elaine Henry Jerald E. Pinto, Thomas R. Robinson, and John D. Stowe. (2015). Equity Asset Valuation, Wiley. 3rd edition.
Book Chapters
  1. Elaine Henry and Andrew Leone. (2014). "Measuring the Tone of Accounting and Financial Narrative", Communication and Language Analysis in the Corporate World, Roderick Hart , IGI Global.
  • BT 325 Financial Statement Analysis
  • BT 200 Financial Accounting