Dr. Gregg Vesonder

School: School of Systems & Enterprises
Building: Babbio
Room: 504
Phone: 201.216.8107
Fax: 201.216.5541
Email: gvesonde@stevens.edu

• Ph.D. (Cognitive Psychology) - September, 1979 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• M.S. (Cognitive Psychology) - September, 1977 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

• B.A. (Cognitive Psychology) - May, 1973 University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

  • Software Engineering and System Development
  • Smart Homes and Smart City
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Evolvability
General Information

Gregg Vesonder is an industry professor in software engineering and program head of the software engineering program. Prior to this role he served as executive director of the Cloud Platforms Research Department at AT&T Labs Research. His department at AT&T Labs Research focused both on cloud platforms and mobile and pervasive systems.

Vesonder’s career at AT&T spanned 35 years and a variety of roles. Over the years, Vesonder led organizations in a variety of areas including parallel cluster computing, speech recognition and text to speech, sensor networks, C++ compiler development, artificial intelligence software development environments, logic-based tools and systems, and expert systems. Vesonder’s work on artificial intelligence led to Bell Labs first commercial expert system, ACE. He received a Bell Labs Fellow in 1990 for “pioneering work in artificial intelligence applications and technology and outstanding contributions in enabling organizations throughout AT&T to realize benefits from this technology.” He was later awarded an AT&T Fellow for this work. Vesonder also was involved with AT&T’s a2bmusic venture initially as vice president for research and development and later as chief technology officer. a2bmusic involved digital music distribution using audio compression software (AAC) and Digital Rights Management software both developed internally.

His professional and research activities emphasize software, software engineering and the relationship of small systems (embedded, sensor based) to large-scale systems. Vesonder also is interested in applying these techniques, learning by doing and social media to graduate and post graduate education and STEM for grade school and beyond.

Dr. Vesonder has authored more than 50 research papers.

Honors & Awards

Bell Labs Fellow

AT&T Fellow

Navigator Award for excellence in on-line teaching, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2008

Professional Societies

Member, IEEE

Senior Member, ACM

Patents & Inventions

⁃   Inventors: Charles Blewett, Enrico Bocchieri, Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio, Donnie Henderson, Thomas Killian, Thomas Kirk, David Kormann, Gregory T. Vesonder; System and Method of Organizing Images. Granted

⁃   Inventors: Robert Raymond Miller II, Gregory T. Vesonder; Collecting and Analyzing Data in a Distributed Sensor Network. Application Submitted

⁃   Inventors: Matti Hiltunen, Robin Berthier, Michel Cukier, David Kormann, Daniel Sheleheda, Gregory T. Vesonder; Methods, Systems and Products for Estimating Answers to Questions. Granted

⁃   Inventors: Tamparni Dasu, Gregg Vesonder, Jon R. Wright;  Monitoring Complex Data Feeds Through Ensemble Testing.  Granted

Selected Publications
Conference Proceedings
  1. Sobesto, B., Cukier, M., Hiltunen, M., Kormann, D., Vesonder, G., Berthier, R. (2011). "DarkNOC: Dashboard for honeypot management", LISA.
  2. Panta, R.K., Pelletier, J. A., and Vesonder G.T. (2012). "Efficient Asynchronous Low Power Listening for Wireless Sensor Networks", IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems.
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