Lindsey Cormack

School: College of Arts & Letters
Building: Morton
Room: 318

Ph.D., Political Science, New York University, 2014
Committee: Sanford Gordon, Jonathan Nagler, Howard Rosenthal
Dissertation: "Legislator Controlled Information Revelation in Constituent Communications"

M.A., Political Science, New York University, 2010

B.A., Political Science, University of Kansas, 2007


Created and maintains the DCinbox database of official legislator to constituent e-newsletters.

Areas of focus: American Politics, Political Communication, Congress, Veterans Politics, Public Opinion, Women in Politics, The Presidency, Public Policy, Blame Attribution, Inter-branch Relations, Health Politics

General Information

While at NYU, Cormack worked with former Governor David A. Paterson as an educational liaison and adjunct instructor. Prior to joining Stevens, she taught at Yeshiva University.

Institutional Service

Faculty Sponsor of the Pi Gammu Mu Social Science Honor Society - New Jersey Theta Chapter (2019-)

Director of the Stevens Diplomacy Lab in conjuction with the U.S. State Department (2015-2019)

Faculty Senator (2017-2018)

Committee on Committees Chair (2017-2018; 2019-2021)

Committee on Committees (2016-2017)

Faculty advisor for the Delta Gamma chapter for the Sigmu Nu fraternity (2015-present) 

Faculty advisor for the Stevens Speech and Debate Team (2015-2018)

Professional Service

Reviewer for American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Legislative Studies Quarterly, American Politics Research, Politics & Gender, Journal of Women, Politics & Policy, Energy Economics

2018 Best Paper Award Committee Member - Southern Political Science Assosication Annual Conference

Honors & Awards

2019 - Recipient of the Harvey N. Davis Distinguished Teaching Assistant Professor Award.

2019 - Recipient of the Student Government Association Distinguished Teaching Award.

2018 - Selected as a Scholar Bridge Builder, Jewish Community Relations Council of New York

MacCracken Graduate Fellowship, New York University, 2008–2013

NYU Summer Field Research Grant, 2011
Pi Sigma Alpha Faculty Award in Political Science, Thesis, "The Olympics as a Political Forum: What to expect from China and Taiwan in 2008", 2007

Professional Societies

American Political Science Association
Midwest Political Science Association
Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Honors Association
Reviewer for American Journal of Political Science. Political Research Quarterly, Legislative Studies Quarterly

Grants, Contracts & Funds

CAL Research Seed Grant ($4,000) 2017-2018

Selected Publications
  1. Lindsey Cormack. (Aug 31, 2018). Congress and U.S. Veterans: From the GI Bill to the VA Crisis, Praeger.  Link  .
  1. Lindsey Cormack. (2019). "Assistant Professor, Social Sciences/Political Science", Leveraging Peer-to-Peer Connections to Increase Voter Participation in Local Elections, Politics & Policy.  Full Text  .
  2. Lindsey Cormack with Mohamad Afkhami and Hamed Ghoddusi. (2017). "Google Search Keywords That Best Predict Energy Price Volatility", Energy Economics, (67), 17-27.  Article  .
  3. Lindsey Cormack. (2017). "DCinbox Capturing Every Congressional Constituent E-newsletter from 2009 Onwards", The Legislative Scholar , 1 (2), 2-36.  Article  .
  4. Lindsey Cormack. (Aug 2016). "Extremity in Congress: Communications versus Votes", Legislative Studies Quarterly, 3 (41), 575-603.  Article  .
  5. Lindsey Cormack. (Dec 2016). "Gender and vote revelation strategy in the United States Congress", Journal of Gender Studies, 5 (24), 1-15.  Article  .
  1. Nicole Spector. (Mar 4, 2020). " 'Election stress disorder': How to cope with the anxiety as political tensions intensify ", NBC News. (Quoted in).  'Election stress disorder': How to cope with the anxiety as political tensions intensify  .
  2. Erik Sherman. (Feb 24, 2020). "GOP fundraising mailings are deceptive, experts say ", Fortune. (Quoted in).  GOP fundraising mailings are deceptive, experts say  .
Book Chapters
  1. Lindsey Cormack. (2017). "Preface", Today's Environmental Issues: Democrats and Republicans , Terri J. Walker, ABC-CLIO.  Link  .
  • HHS 355 U.S. Foreign Relations
  • HHS 371 Modern US Presidency and the Legislative Process
  • HSS 379 International Politics
  • HSS 360 Public Policy Analysis
  • HSS 127 Introduction to Political Science I: National Government
  • HSS 128 Introduction to Political Science II: Judicial Process
  • CAL 510 Foundations of Technology and Policy
  • CAL 498 Thesis Preparation
  • CAL 499 Senior Thesis