Yuping Huang

Room: Burchard 610
Email: yhuang5@stevens.edu

University of Science and Technology of China, 2004

Michigan State University, 2009


My research interest and career goal is to deploy quantum mechanics for better understanding the world around us and thereby improving our livings on a green and blue planet. While I have always been die-hard fans of quantum, I believe in only quantum technology having strong PRACTICAL relevance. In particular, we thrive on developing mass-producible, highly-intergrated, turn-key, and room-temperature quantum devices. 

The ongoing and near-term research topics in my lab, Laboratory for Quantum Enhanced Systems and Technology, include the following:

  • Quantum-Enhanced Biomedical Imaging and Treatment
  • Quantum Processing on Chip
  • High-dimensional Quantum Communications
  • Attojoule Photonics 

For more details, please visit www.questlab.us.  

Grants, Contracts & Funds

1: "OP: Collaborative Research: Quantum Zeno Photonics on Chip," soupported by NSF (2015-2018). Co-PI: Prof. Amy Foster at John Hopkins Unversity. 

2: "Persistent Maritime Quantum Key Distribution," supported by ONR (2015-2018). Co-PI: Prof. Martini and Prof. Yu at Stevens Institute of Technology. 

3: " MRI: Acquisition of cryogen‐free low‐temperature scanning‐probe spectroscopy system for nanophotonic and nanoelectronic device characterization," supported by NSF (2015). PI: Prof. Strauf at Stevens. 

4: "Advanced Coherent‐light Spectroscopy for Cancer Detection," supported by Center for Healthcare Innovation at Stevens (2015-2016).


  • PEP 201 Physics II for Engineering Students
  • PEP 242 Modern Physics