Dr. Yazan Manna

School: Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Room: Carnegie 202
Phone: 201.216.5582
Fax: 201.216.8315
Email: ymanna@stevens.edu

He earned his Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering in 2010 at NJIT with his dissertation entitled "Motion Coordination and Control in the Development of a Gait Rehabilitation System."

The Ph.D research involves the design of a gait pattern generation module which consists of a pair of close chain linkage mechanisms. This module provides coordinated movement of the hip and knee joints according to normal physiological gait pattern. The research developed unique methods for the motion control and coordination of the pair of linkage mechanisms. One method controls the input crank of the linkage mechanism directly with servomotors based on a derived continuous motion profile. Another method achieves both timing and coordination through mechanical means so that the system works under a simple speed control. Features of this system include: improving gait training safety, consistent training, and being labor saving.

He also holds a M.S in Mechanical Engineering in 2005 at NJIT with his research on "A Gait Generation Mechanism for Leg Rehabilitation Therapy." He also holds a B.Sc in Mechatronics Engineering from The Hashemite University in Jordan. Before he went to continue his higher education, he worked as an internal sales engineer and as a design engineer in Jordan.


His research interests include: Rehabilitation Systems Development, Biomechanics, Computer Aided Design and mechatronics.

General Information

ME 554 - Check course video here: https://www.njvid.net/show.php?pid=njcore:58761

Honors & Awards

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Selected Publications
  1. Yazan A. Manna, Fen Du, Zhiming Ji. (Jul 2012). "Motion Control and Coordination in the Development of a Gait Rehabilitation System", Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 226 (7), 1885-1895.
  2. Zhiming Ji, Yazan A. Manna. (Dec 2008). "Size Minimization of Disk Cams with Roller-Followers under Pressure Angle Constraint", Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, No. C12, ISSN 0954-4062. 222 2475-2484.
  3. Zhiming Ji, Yazan Manna. (Sep 2008). "Synthesis of a Pattern Generation Mechanism for Gait Rehabilitation", Journal of Medical Devices, Paper #031004. 2 (3).
  • ME 225 Dynamics
  • ME 358 Machine Dynamics and Mechanisms
  • ME 361 Design of Machine Components
  • ME 483 Control Systems
  • ME 491 Manufacturing Processes and Systems
  • ME 554 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design
  • ME 566 Design for Manufacturability
  • E 120 Engineering Graphics
  • ME 527 Mechanics of Human Movement
  • ME 234 Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics