Dov Kruger

School: Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Building: B217
Phone: 201-216-5605

PhD. Ocean Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology. 2010

MS. Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology. 2006

BE. EE/CS, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1987

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Educational Research

I have been working on improved techniques of instruction for engineering and particularly programming instruction. I have trained and observed dozens of teachers in K-12, training them in the specific skills they need to be more effective. I have taught a short introduction to teachers for "The 10 Hours after Hour of Code" to hundreds of teachers. Classroom materials I designed are core to two programs in use in more than 50 schools.

Computational Research

Secure, efficient web programming to replace the current disasterously bad technologies in use. The Grail project currently comprises a prototype browser that can render from 30 to 100 times faster than Chrome, and a protocol that can be 1000 times faster for transactions. Grail components includeinvolving distributed, encrypted, backups of data. For any students wishing to work on Grail, it is in C++ with a knowledge of OpenGL helpful.


Professional Societies


  • CPE 593 Applied Data Structures & Algorithms
  • CPE 390 Microprocessor Systems
  • EE 553 Engineering Programming: C++
  • CPE 552 Engineering Programming: Java