Dov Kruger

Building: B217
Phone: 201-216-5605

PhD. Ocean Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology. 2010

MS. Computer Science, Stevens Institute of Technology. 2006

BE. EE/CS, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1987

If you have any questions about my courses, please LOOK AT THE DIRECTORY CONTAINING THE SYLLABI


I have two active projects currently:


CSP is an ultra high performance C++ web  kernel which implements security.  We have hardware-accelerated encryption and are trying to deliver more efficient protocols to dramatically reduce power requirements and improve system performance.

Hydra is a 3d printer with multiple heads.  We are printing composites and weaving in kevlar.  We have made great progress on high-efficiency geometric algorithms and will be working on path planning for multiple heads in parallel.

I am always looking for students who want to work on these projects, but I have no funding yet.  If you wish to work on these project as a research project, great, but please do not contact me asking for a fellowship, none is available.  Generally I accept current graduate students who have demonstrated a superior effor in one of my courses, so if you are interested, please sign up to take a class of mine and demonstrate that you can code and have the ability to put in enough focused effort to repay the time I invest in you.

Professional Societies


  • CPE 593 Applied Data Structures & Algorithms
  • CPE 640 Software Engineering I
  • CPE 642 Software Engineering II
  • EE 552 Engineering Programming: Java
  • EE 553 Engineering Programming: C++
  • CPE 552 Engineering Programming: Java