Chih-Hung Wang

Building: McLean Hall
Room: 211
Phone: 201.216.8175
Fax: 201.216.8240

Our group is interested in various aspects of design and synthesis of biologically active molecules, particularly in the use of radical reactions.

We are also interested in designing novel heterocyclic structures, which could serve as a starting point in drug discovery. Toward this end we have conceived and synthesised highly condensed novel heterocycles based on the structures of biologically active erythrina alkaloids. These are "unnatural" natural products, wherein some of the presumed metabolic sites of the natural products have been replaced by drug like functionalities, which are expected to be more stable against P-450 enzymes.

We are continuing our work toward design and synthesis of conformationally restricted drug molecule.

Selected Publications
  1. C.H. Wang, S. Alluri, A.K. Ganguly. (2009). "A Convenient Synthesis of ortho-ortho Disubstituted Biphenyls Containing an Eight-membered Lactam Ring Using Radical Chemistry", Tetrahedron Letters, 50 1879-1881.  See at ScienceDirect  .
  2. A.K. Ganguly, C.H. Wang, D. Biswas, J. Misiaszek, A. Micula. (2006). "Synthesis of Novel Heterocycles Based on the Structures of Erythrina Alkaloids", Tetrahedron Letters, 47 (31), 5539-5542.
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