Behzad Mottahed

School: Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department: Mechanical Engineering
  • Product & Marketing Management Certification, Lucent Technologies/Wharton Business School, May 2011
  • Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
  • D.Eng., Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, May 1998
  • Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ, May 1998
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University, Medford, MA, May 1986
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth, MA, May 1984
  • Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing of Electronic Systems
  • Knowledge-based Engineering Systems
  • Design Optimization
  • Liquid Cooling of Electronic Systems
  • Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
  • Advanced Electronic Packaging System
  • Advanced Thermal Management
General Information
  • Managed various products from concept to manufacture
  • Network Wireless Unit- Introduced, designed, and manufactured three generation of wireless products.
  • Participated in the growth of the business from few hundred million to multi- Billion Dollars a year.
  • Experienced in design and analysis of System Level, Frame Level, and Pack Level electronic systems.
  • Knowledge-based Engineering System- Higher quality and faster production tool. Demonstrated that use of system in design of electronic equipment can save up to two order of magnitudes from time to market. 
  • Extensive knowledge of operation and production systems
  • Directed a team to carry on the Design Concept, Engineering analysis, prototyping and Cell System Requirements for CDMA (and UMTS) wireless systems of a multi-sector, pole-mountable, small and large wireless products, including in-building applications.
  • Managed a team for Development of Shielding Technologies and guidelines. This led to higher quality and higher reliability products.
  • Managed a team for Development of noise reduction techniques in electronic systems, with implication for all Lucent Technologies. This led to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Introduction of Liquid Cooling technique in design of electronic systems.
  • Power conversion technology, (Forward looking environment (Bell Labs research)). Responsible for investigation of high power density and efficiency Off-line Switchers and DC-DC power converters.
  • 1998 - Present, Senior Manager for Wireless Product Solution, Lucent Technologies
Institutional Service
  • 1992 - Present, Adjunct Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Developed the following courses: Integrated System design and manufacturing of Electronic systems, Reliability Engineering: 
  • Taught courses in Production Systems, Manufacturing Processes, Concurrent Design and Manufacturing, Introduction to Robotics, Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing, System Design of Electronic Equipment, Computer Numerical Control, and Fluid Mechanics.



Professional Service
  • Member of the Research Committee on Reliability of Photonics Systems part of ASME Center for Research and Technology Development, 2000 - Present
  • Voting member of American Society of Acoustics. Developing standards for noise measurements and limits for various electronic equipment, 1997 - 2002. 
  • Co-chaired the Design session of the Mechatronics conference, Atlanta, GA, 2000
  • Member of Tau-Beta-Pi, National Engineering Honor Society
Honors & Awards
  • Quality Excellence Award at Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories 
  • Lucent President Golden Award for product development and cost reduction Base Stations, 2002-2004
  • Network Systems Quality Golden Thread Award, 1997 
  • GSM Golden Quality Award for design of STF (GSM)- Network Wireless Systems, 1996
  • Network Wireless Systems Award of Excellence for Snap-in Shield Design, 1995
  • Silver Quality Excellent Award for Japan Common Amplifier Design – Network Wireless Systems, 1992 
  • Full Graduate Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Mechanical Engineering Departments, Tufts University and MIT
Patents & Inventions
  • Method and apparatus to increase convection heat transfer in an electrical system and a method of manufacturing the same” U.S. Patent Number 6,493,224 
  • “Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Enclosure", U.S. Patent Number 6,297,969 
  • "EMI Shielding Enclosure", U.S. Patent Number 6,274,808 
  • A Method Of Determining The Minimum Number Of Securing Points Required On an Electronic Isolation Shield To Sufficiently Secure The Shield To A Circuit Board", U.S. Patent Number 6,266,877 
  • “Modular design of electronic equipment systems” US patent number 6,151,210 
  • “An Electronic Isolation Shield and a Method of Determining the Minimum Number of Securing Points required on the Shield to Sufficiently Secure the Shield to a Circuit Board", US Patent number 6,060,659. 
  • "Electronic Component Enclosure for RF Shielding", US patent number 5,557,063 
  • “Thermal Detection Elements”, US patent number 5,550,526 
  • “Self Fastening EMI Enclosure” US patent number 5,565,656 
  • “Housing for a wireless base station” US patent number D393,644
Selected Publications
Conference Proceedings
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