Dr. Donald Lombardi

Building: Babbio
Room: 420
Phone: 201.216.5661
Fax: 201.216.5385
Email: donald.lombardi@stevens.edu
  • 1984 Post-doctorate studies in Organizational Development
  • 1983 Ph.D. – Organizational Psychology
  • 1978 MA – Human Resources Management
  • 1976 BA - English
General Information

Over 25 years of diverse executive level management experience including founding and leading an organizational development consulting firm with more than 200 clients, leading the planning and development activities of a 10,000+ student university, developing and leading a unique online graduate education program, leading professional development for a $20B pharmaceutical firm, and publishing eleven books and over 50 articles on leadership, management, strategic management and human capital development.



CHR/InterVista 1984 – present
Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Seton Hall University 1988 – 2004
University Director of Planning and Development

Bristol-Myers Corporation 1982 – 1984
Director of Professional Development

American Hospital Supply Corporation 1980 - 1982
Eastern Director – Human Resources

Institutional Service
Senior Faculty Associate 1988 - 2004
Department of Communication

Taught a range of graduate communication courses in both the on-campus and on-line graduate programs. Averaged fifteen contact credits per semester. Student evaluations were consistently ranked in the upper 2% of all University faculty. Developed four new graduate courses for both the on-line and on-campus modalities. Designed and delivered the University’s first cross-cultural communications and awareness program for all faculty, staff and employees. Member of numerous committees including search committees for new faculty and Dean positions. Advised several student service organizations as well as the Department of Athletics and the Division of Student Affairs.

Faculty Associate 1978 – 1988

Taught graduate courses at Fordham University, including Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, Strategic Planning and Change, and Professional Development. Also have taught and designed communication, management and leadership courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level at Stevens Institute of Technology, Monmouth University, the University of Maryland, the University of Scranton, Centenary College, Syracuse University, LeMoyne College, Middlesex County College and Coastal Carolina Community College.
Professional Service
United States Marine Corps                    1976 – 1980

Held progressive billets as a human affairs officer, field and sea communication officer, and educational director; original programs designed and still in use include the GED Proficiency Program and the Base Community Relations Program. Received two Commanding General’s Commendations; youngest officer commissioned in the 1970’s.       

Stevens Veterans' Office - Faculty Liaison

Professional Societies
  • Faculty Fellow – American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Senior Fellow – The Government Institute
  • Senior Advisor – Executive Educational Council of the Department of    Veterans Affairs

Grants, Contracts & Funds

Department of Labor and Workforce Development Cycle 5/Stevens Healthcare Educational Partnership Grant

Selected Publications
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