Dr. Suphan Kovenklioglu

School: Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
Department: Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Building: McLean Building
Room: 419
Phone: 201.216.5519
Fax: 201.216.8306
Email: skoven@stevens.edu
  • Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) -1976 Stevens Institute of Technology
  • M.S. (Chemical Engineering) - 1972 Stevens Institute of Technology
  • B.S. (Chemical Engineering) - 1969 Robert College, Istanbul
Reaction Engineering and Catalysis Crystallization
Patents & Inventions
  • "Hollow Fiber Contained Liquid Membrane Pervaporation for Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds from Aqueous Solutions", with K.K. Sirkar, S. Kovenklioglu, S. Majumdar, D. Yang and A. Sengupta, U.S. Patent # 5,637,224, June 10, 1997
  • "Disposal Method and Apparatus for Highly Toxic Chemicals by Chemical Neutralization and Encapsulation", with D. M. Kalyon and S. Kovenklioglu, U.S. Patent # 5,584,071, December 10, 1996
  • "Method of Hydrodehalogenating Halogenated Organic Compounds in Aqueous Environmental Sources", with S. Kovenklioglu, E. N. Balko, J.B. Hoke, R.J. Farrauto and A. Gramiccioni, U.S. Patent #5,196,617, March 23, 1993
Selected Publications
  1. Y.-F. Su, H. Kim, S. Kovenklioglu, and W. Y. Lee. (2007). "Continuous Nanoparticle Production by Microfluidic-Based Emulsion, Mixing, and Crystallization", Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 180, 2625-2629.
  2. R. Schefflan, S. Kovenklioglu, D. Kalyon, P. Redner, E. Heider. (Apr 27, 2006). "Mathematical Model for a Fed-Batch Crystallization Process", Journal of Energetic Materials, Taylor and Francis. 24 157-172.
  3. R. Schefflan, S. Kovenklioglu, D. Kalyon, M. Leng, M. Mezger. (Apr 13, 2006). "Formation of Aluminum Nanoparticles upon Condensation from Vapor Phase", Taylor and Francis. 24 1-16.
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Conference Proceedings
  1. P. Redner, R. Yazici, D. M. Kalyon and S. Kovenklioglu. (Nov 1999). "Recrystallization of 2,2-Dipyridylamine ", AIChE 4th Topical Conference on Separations Science and Technology.
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  3. S. Kovenklioglu, Z. Cao, G. Yu and R.J. Farrauto. (1995). "Three Phase Hydrodechlorination Reactors for Unit Operations Laboratory", ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings.
  • CHE 351 Reactor Design
  • CHE 432 Chemical Engineering Laboratory
  • CHE 424 Engineering Design VIII