Dr. Ronald Besser

Building: McLean
Room: 103A
Phone: 201.216.5257
Fax: 240.255.4028
Email: rbesser@stevens.edu
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
  • MS, PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

Besser's research focuses on the enhancement of alternative energy technologies through nano and microtechnology. Projects have included microscale hydrogen production, hydrocarbon reforming, microplasma reforming, novel fuel cell materials and architectures. Current projects focus on solid oxide fuel cells fed with algae-derived biogas, and novel PEM fuel cell materials and devices.

General Information

Prof. Besser currently leads a department of 15 faculty and approximately 300 undergraduate and graduate students at Stevens Institute of Technology. He is engaged in research, teaching, and entrepreneurial activities related to alternative energy sources.

  • Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Stevens Institute of Technology (present).
  • Director, Chemical Engineering Program, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Professor, Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University
  • Group Leader, Institute for Micromanufacturing, Louisiana Tech University
  • Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, Louisiana Tech Univeristy
  • Senior Scientist, Candescent Technologies, Corp.
  • Section Head, Staff Engineer, Member of the Technical Staff, Watkins-Johnson, Co.
  • Process Engineer, General Instrument Corp.
Institutional Service
  • Faculty Athletic Representative
  • Institute Patent Committee
  • Former Chair of Faculty Senate
  • Former Chair of Institute Promotions and Tenure Committee
  • Former Co-Chair of Vice Provost of Research Search Committee


Professional Service

Founding Advisor OXE Chemical Engineering Honor Society

Honors & Awards

Provost's Faculty Entrepreneurship Award (2018)

Professional Societies

Senior Member, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Patents & Inventions

16 awarded patents in materials, microfabrication, energy processes and devices

Selected Publications
  1. Pei-Kang Sun and R.S. Besser. (2018). "Characterization and Analysis of PMMA Cohesion Behavior with a Gas-Assisted Thermal Bonding Method", Applied Polymer Science.
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Book Chapters
  1. A. Omosebi and R.S. Besser. (2012). "Nanotechnology Innovations for Low-Temperature Fuel Cells for Micro Autonomous Systems", Advances in Microautonomous System Technology, Y. Guo, Wiley.
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  1. R. Besser. (Feb 22, 2006). "A Look At Microchemical Systems : What are MCS? What are some key limitations?", Microchemical Systems.  Download  (2 Mb PDF).
  2. R. Besser. (Oct 19, 2005). "Miniaturization for Chemical Processing: Smaller Can Be Better",  Download  (5.02 Mb PDF).
  • CHE 424 Engineering Design VIII
  • CHE 650 Reactor Design
  • NANO 525 Techniques of Surface Analysis
  • E 580 Sustainable Energy