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Our continued success of being a sorority is mainly in part of the leaders who take on the major role of upholding the sorority and its members. The leadership team motivates the sorority to stay strong to its founding principles, participates in creating events for the sisters and potential new members to attend, and demonstrates excellence and pride in leading an entire sorority to cotninute to better itself. Without these heads of the house, the sisterhood would not be where it is now. We would have no support structure to bring out the best of the sisters. The leadership team continuously keeps the bond among each sister strong and long-lasting.

2012 Leadership Team

President: Michelle Gallo
Looking back to freshman year, I would have never thought I would be a member of a sorority let alone the President of a sorority. But Delta Phi Epsilon is so much more than just a “sorority”. To all of the sisters here at the Epsilon Gamma Chapter, Delta Phi Epsilon means being part of a family; a family that never asks us to compromise our beliefs; a family that does not judge us; a family that always loves us. In my opinion, being a leader may not be about how outspoken you are or how much you want to change within the house, but rather the ability to enhance and foster the great things that are already occurring in the house, to challenge each sister to share her opinion, and to let her actions define the type of individual she is. My goal this year as President is to promote an atmosphere of positivity throughout the sisterhood and to focus on fostering the leadership potential within every sister. I hope to do this by giving future leaders more responsibility within the house and by encouraging sisters to voice their opinions with confidence. Because to me, the most important thing about being in a sorority is discovering your voice, and learning to stand up for your own opinion even when you may be met with strong opposition. I cannot communicate in words how excited and honored I am to be the President of a house that I love with all my heart. A Scottish novelist once said, “The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness was there already.” And, personally, I cannot think of a better way to accurately describe the sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon. Each sister possesses greatness, and it is my goal to motivate them to both realize and live up to that greatness.

VP of Operations: Danielle Pugliese
I am very excited to be apart of Epsilon Gamma's Leadership Team! Vice President of Operations may not be the most glamorous position but for some reason it always stuck out to me. Some people may not be into doing behind the scenes work such as CAP submission forms or updating & organizing event dates on the Google calendar, but it is something I enjoy. It is not just about keeping track of all this for "fun", but the paper work clearly shows how the chapter is evolving. Another privilege I am going to take advantage of is staying in contact with DPhiE nationals, and being able to report to them our chapter's growth. I know Epsilon Gamma has the dedication, pride and excellence to achieve & be apart of the 1917 Club.

VP of Programming: Ewelina Tkacz
As Vice President of Programming I organize exciting events for our sisterhood which include movie nights, potluck dinners, letter making, and a candle light vigil for ANAD. I also oversee and provide assistance to the Philanthropy, Community Service, Social, Fundraising, and Table sitting and Soliciting chairs. This mean I get to assist in DPhiE's most popular events, Castle Point King and Grilled Cheese Night! I look forward to DPhiE’s enjoyable and successful events for the coming semester!

VP of Recruitment: Megan Webb
Recruitment is always an exciting and rewarding time for the sisterhood. The Prospect of new members helps to bring sisters together and remind them of the anticipation they felt as they went through the process. As Vice President of Recruitment I am given the responsibility of planning these events for both the sisters and the Potential New Members. From the initial Pro Event to Bid night I was elected to oversee every event in the recruitment process. It was an extremely rewarding position because each spring recruitment brings with it a class of amazing ladies eager to join DphiE. Outside of Spring Recruitment my duties involve helping out with Panhel, designing recruitment t-shirts and assisting the other members of my team. Vice President of Recruitment can keep you busy, but I have loved every second of this position.

VP of Membership Development: Katie Castro
Helping developing sisters from the time they are New Members to Alumni is a really special task for me. I enjoy teaching and informing the sorority about our excellent PEARL Program. I firmly believe that as Vice President of Membership Development, I not only help the girls grow within in the sorority but as people as well. As an avid runner and dancer, I enjoy encouraging sisters to join me in my Health and Wellness and implemented a new initiative for the sisterhood. I plan to grow upon our Image and Reputation workshops to help us grow even an the professional environment as well! All in all, I am so excited to work with everyone and grow closer as a sisterhood!

VP of Academic Affairs: Ashlet Montufar
The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon are all very involved and leaders on the Stevens campus. As VPAA I hope to ensure that every sister’s future career goal is fulfilled. I want to work to raise each sister’s GPAs and guarantee their getting the most out of their college experience academically. Stevens has a lot to offer its students, whether it is with classes, research, or career development and placement, I want every sister to be aware of it. DPhiE really holds true to saying that every sister is unique. It is exactly that. Every sister is involved with an array of different sports, clubs, activities, etc and each sister brings something new and excited to the house. In the end, I will be there to make sure each sister shines and I will stand as their advocate for making sure that what they do reflects on who they are and ultimately leads to their success in their personal future career and life goals.

Member-at-Large: Jennifer Camisa

House Manager: Marissa Obiedzinski
During my time as a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, one of the days I will never forget was when we received the news that we were going to be given the opportunity to move into a new house as a sisterhood. The excitement and pride that I saw in my sisters was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to be Vice President of House Management. This house is so much more then just a place to live - this semester has turned it into a place where we have all been able to spend time with each other and grow closer and I want to use my time in this position to be sure that never changes. My goal in this position is to keep this house as a place all of our sisters can call home, whether they are actually living in the rooms or not. I plan to keep this house as beautiful as it was the day we moved in and be sure that every current and future sister feels the same pride we felt on move-in day. Whether I am organizing the sisters in their decisions of who will be living where in upcoming semesters, ensuring that meals will always be ready, or running a house clean up to make sure our house is ready for all visitors, I am happy to have this busy position so that I can give back to all of my sisters. The house management team includes our House Beautification and Groundskeeper, Coordinator of House Duties, and Head Stewardess and I am so proud of what my team has been able to accomplish so far this semester. I am so excited for the upcoming semester to see how our house will develop as our sisterhood grows!