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CSSA的全称是Chinese Students & Scholar Association,中文名称是中国学生学者联谊会, 是代表中国留学生的官方组织。其成员默认包括所有在Stevens的中国学生(本科和研究生)约500余人。CSSA 作为 Stevens 中国学生学者的联谊组织,尽力为即将踏出国门留学深造的新同学们提供力所能及的帮助,让新同学们的新生活能有好的开始。
2013 Fall
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    The official name of this organization is Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Stevens Institute of Technology, abbreviated as CSSA. Although most current members are from Mainland China, people from other areas of China are warmly welcome to join our organization. Representing interests and needs of Chinese students and scholars at Stevens Institute of Technology. Responsible for general supervision of all activities within organization.

    欢迎大家来到CSSA, CSSA的全称是Chinese Students & Scholar Association,中文名称是中国学生学者联谊会, 是代表中国留学生的官方组织。其成员默 认包括所有在Stevens的中国学生(本科和研究生),中国学者和中国家庭。

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