Submission Information

CSF will implement three deadlines per year starting from CSF2020. Typically, submission deadlines are May, September/October, and February. CSF2020 will have only two cycles.

Important dates for CSF2020:

Fall cycle:
Oct. 4th, 2019: paper submission deadline
Dec. 13th, 2020: author notification

Winter cycle:
Feb 7th, 2020: paper submission deadline
April 17th, 2020: author notification

Review process:

Light double-blind reviewing. Submitted paper must be anonymized. The author information will be revealed to the reviewers after reviews are submitted.


The outcome of the review process can be one of the following three: accept, reject, major revision. In rare occasions, accepted papers are shepherded for minor modifications.

Major revisions:

Papers with “major revision” decision must be re-submitted within the following two cycles, accompanied by a writeup explaining how the revision meets reviewers’ revision requirements. These papers will be reviewed by the same reviewers as the initial submission. Otherwise, the paper will be considered a new submission, reviewed by serving PC members. A writeup explaining how the revision meets previous reviewers’ revision requirements is optional.

Resubmissions of rejected papers:

Rejected papers can be re-submitted at any time.

If a rejected paper is re-submitted within 11 months of the last deadline they were submitted to (e.g., rejected submissions to Sept. 2019 is resubmitted to May 2020 deadline), reviews and a writeup explaining how the current submission addresses concerns in the reviews must be submitted as supplementary material. The paper will be desk-rejected by the PC chairs if previous reviews or the explanation is missing.

We may use a different set of reviewers for re-submissions.

All resubmissions of rejected papers can optionally submit reviews from previous submissions and a writeup explaining how the current submission addresses concerns in the reviews as supplementary material.

Program Chairs

Limin Jia
Limin Jia
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Ralf Küsters
Ralf Küsters
University of Stuttgart

General Chair

Mayank Varia
Mayank Varia
Boston University,
Boston, MA, USA

Financial Chair

Luca Vigano
Luca Vigano
King's College London
London, UK

Publications Chair

Deepak Garg
Deepak Garg
Max Planck Institute for
Software Systems, Germany

Publicity Chair

Matteo Maffei
Matteo Maffei
TU Wien,