Ladder Rules

Spring 2013 Ladder Rules

Introduction: The Ladder has been created to add a little bit of spice & life to The Stevens Chess Club. Whoever finishes on top of the ladder at the end of the semester wins a prize. I, the President, will bring my laptop to the meeting to update the Ladder instantaneously. If the President is not there, whoever is on the E-board or appointed by the President to handle the Ladder will be noting the results. This shall be updated as often as necessary to ensure fairness to everyone involved.


1) You may challenge anyone up to three spots above you on the ladder. This number may change due to how many people are on the ladder at any one time.


2) You may decline the challenge under the following conditions:

A) You have played the person in the last week in a ladder match.

B) If you have already played 4 matches that week.

C) If the challenger is too far below you on the ladder.

D) If you have already accepted a challenge & are waiting to play that match, or are in the middle of a challenge.

E) However, if you do decline a challenge under Condition B, you must accept no challenges for the rest of that week, nor challenge anyone else for the rest of that week.


3) How to Handle Results

A) If the higher person wins or draws, there is no change.

B) If the higher person loses, the players switch spots on the ladder.

C) Please report results immediately to the President or whoever is handling the Ladder duties in his/her absence for that week.


4) For Ladder Matches, Touch Move is in effect. If you touch a piece & it can legally move, you must move it.


5) Clocks are optional & can be used if both players agree to it. 

A) The time limit is no less than G/15 (meaning a player has a total of 15 minutes to complete all of his/her moves for the entire game) & no more than G/90. (This max limit is due to the fact that there are time constraints to the room(s) we reserve) 

B) Please consult with the President/Ladder operator before you start your game so that he/she knows about the conditions. 

C) If your flag falls (or any other indication that your time is up), you lose unless one of the special time situations arises that is covered in the USCF Rule Book. (For example, your flag falls but the opponent has only the king left. Such a result would be a draw.) 

D) This section will be updated & referenced later, but time claims & other details can be looked up in the USCF Rules Book.

E) With regards to the ladder, Clocks do not incur additional bonuses or penalties. That is, you don’t jump or fall twice the distance vs. playing without a clock. It is simply an option if you know your games take a long time, or you wish to play with a clock.


6) If anything else needs to be added or modified, they can be added here at later dates & times as we think of things to add or the things to add arise that have not been covered before. When things arise that have not been covered, please use your best judgment. It is suggested to use a 2/3 majority to make changes to this ladder.


7) If you have any questions, please feel free to ask an E-board member or The Ladder Coordinator.


8) The order of the ladder is determined by random drawing of whoever signs up & shows up at the beginning of the semester. Anyone is welcome to join the ladder at anytime; however, new people after the random drawing are placed at the bottom of the ladder & must work their way up.


9) You must play at least once every two weeks to maintain your position on the ladder; you cannot just get to the top & then disappear. If you don’t show up two weeks in a row, you drop 5 spots. A 3rd week, & you drop to the bottom of the ladder. That means come.


Created by: Suketu Shah

Date: Jan. 9, 2013


Amendment # 1: Playing early in the week.

I know that many of you are busy, so there has been another addition to the ladder rules.


If two people wish to play during the week anytime other than the meeting time, you may email each other to set up a time & meeting place. Play your game, & BOTH people email the results to the President or the Ladder Coordinator. This, however, does NOT excuse you from not coming to Chess Club, you must still come at the minimum every two weeks & play one game to maintain your position on the ladder. (Update is Sept. 22, 2005, 1:51 AM)