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Howe School of Technology Management
Graduate Courses


Information Systems
MIS 500Practicum Oral and Written Communication Competency
MIS 501Information Management
MIS 502Introduction to Accounting, Microeconomics, Statistics and Finance
MIS 610Managing Enterprise Systems
MIS 620Analysis and Development of Information Systems
MIS 630Data and Knowledge Management
MIS 635Designing the Knowledge Organization
MIS 636Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
MIS 637Knowledge Discovery in Databases 1
MIS 638Knowledge Discovery in Databases II
MIS 640/ TM 624 Network Management
MIS 643Fundamentals of IS Audit and Controls
MIS 644Information Systems Audit and Control Practices
MIS 645CyberSecurity Principles
MIS 646/ TM 646 Information Security Management
MIS 647Information Security and the Law
MIS 648/ TM 675 Risk Analysis and Economics of Security
MIS 650IT Outsourcing Governance
MIS 651Legal Issues in IT Outsourcing
MIS 652Relationship Management and IT Outsourcing
MIS 654/ CS 578 Privacy in a Networked World
MIS 661Marketing Online
MIS 662Legal Issues for the IT Professional
MIS 663/ MGT 663 Discovering and Exploiting Entrepreneurial Opportunities
MIS 664Issues and Trends in Information Technology Law and Enterprise Management
MIS 669/ TM 669 Analyzing and Leveraging Social Media Websites
MIS 671/ MGT 686 Pharmaceutical Industry Trends and Issues
MIS 672Pharmaceutical Industry New Drug Development
MIS 673/ MGT 687 Pharmaceutical Industry Supply Chain
MIS 674Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing and Sales
MIS 681Financial Service Industry Trends and Issues
MIS 682Capital Markets
MIS 683Financial Services Industry Back Office
MIS 684Financial Services Industry Marketing and Sales
MIS 685The Healthcare Value Chain
MIS 686Administrative Systems in Healthcare
MIS 687Clinical Systems in Healthcare
MIS 688Patient-centered e-Health Systems
MIS 689IT Management for the Healthcare Professional
MIS 690Supply Chain Management and Strategy
MIS 691Procurement and Supplier Management
MIS 692Distribution and Logistics Management
MIS 699Managing Emerging Information Technology
MIS 710/ NIS 630 Process Innovation and Management
MIS 712BPM and Workflow Implementation
MIS 722Research Seminar: Process Management & Innovation
MIS 723Research Seminar: Knowledge Management
MIS 730/ NIS 633 Integrating Information System Technologies
MIS 731Integrating Information Technologies for Large-Scale Computing
MIS 735Managing IT Service Processes
MIS 736Managing IT Service Operations
MIS 750Managing IT Resources
MIS 757Practicum-Effective Communication for Managers
MIS 758Practicum - Oral and Written Communication Comptency
MIS 760/ NIS 632 Information Technology Strategy
MIS 800/ MGT 800 Special Problems in MIS (MS)
MIS 810Special Topics in Management of Information Systems
MIS 850Research in Managing IT Strategic, Tactical and Operational Issues
MIS 900Thesis in MIS (MS)

MGT 501Information Management
MGT 502Introduction to Accounting, Microeconomics, Statistics and Finance
MGT 503Microeconomics
MGT 600Accounting for Managers
MGT 605Commercializing Early-Stage Technology & Entrepreneurship
MGT 607Managerial Economics
MGT 608Macroeconomics Analysis
MGT 609/ PME 609 Introduction to Project Management
MGT 610Strategic Perspectives on Project Management
MGT 611Project Planning and Monitoring
MGT 612The Human Side of Project Leadership
MGT 613Program Office and Portfolio Management
MGT 614Advanced Project Management
MGT 615Financial Decision Making
MGT 616Healthcare Leadership and Management
MGT 617/ ME 560 Project Quality Management
MGT 618/ PME 600/ EM 600 Engineering Economics and Management Policy
MGT 619Leading Across Projects and Programs
MGT 620Statistical Models
MGT 621Management Models
MGT 623Financial Management
MGT 625Investments and Capital Markets
MGT 630Global Business and Markets
MGT 632Power, Politics and Policy
MGT 635/ EMT 635 Managerial Judgment and Decision-Making
MGT 638/ EMT 638 Corporate Finance
MGT 641Marketing Management
MGT 650International Business Management
MGT 654Organizational Change and Development
MGT 657Operations Management
MGT 663/ MIS 663 Discovering and Exploiting Entrepreneurial Opportunities
MGT 664/ EMT 664 Business Law
MGT 671Technology and Innovation Management
MGT 672Realizing Value from Intellectual Property
MGT 673Global Innovation Mangement
MGT 675New Product and Service Innovation
MGT 677/ EMT 677 Emerging Technologies
MGT 679Management Informations Systems
MGT 680Organizational Behavior and Theory
MGT 681Pharmaceutical Industry New Drug Development
MGT 682Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing and Sales
MGT 683/ PME 530/ ME 530 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
MGT 684Regulation and Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry
MGT 686/ MIS 671 Pharmaceutical Industry Trends and Issues
MGT 687/ MIS 673 Pharmaceutical Industry Supply Chain
MGT 689Organizational Behavior and Design
MGT 690Designing Complex Organizations
MGT 699Strategic Management
MGT 700Econometrics
MGT 701MGT Co-Op Education Project
MGT 703Research Seminar: Information Management Applications
MGT 704-705Information Management & Organizational Structure & Design I, II
MGT 706Research Seminar: Human Performance
MGT 710Risk Management: Methods and Applications
MGT 711PhD Seminar in Entrepreneurship Theory
MGT 713Advanced Expert Systems
MGT 716Seminars: Advanced Topics in Information, Technology and Telecommunications Management
MGT 718Multivariate Analysis
MGT 719Research Methods
MGT 721Qualitative Research Methods
MGT 726Seminars: Advanced Topics in Information, Technology and Telecommunications Management
MGT 727Qualitative Research Methods
MGT 730Design and Analysis of Experiments
MGT 733Applied Regression Analysis
MGT 735Managing IT Services Processes
MGT 736Seminars: Advanced Topics in Information, Technology and Telecommunications Management
MGT 737The Project Management Office
MGT 738Advanced Project Management
MGT 744Analytic Methods of Forecasting
MGT 753Theory in Management Research
MGT 757Effective Communication for Managers - Practicum
MGT 758Oral and Written Communication Competency
MGT 790Innovation Management and Technogenesis
MGT 794Decision Analysis for Corporate Networks
MGT 798/ EMT 798 Integration and Application of Technology Management
MGT 800/ MIS 800 Special Problems in Management (MS)
MGT 801Special Problems in Mangement (PhD)
MGT 802Project Management Examination
MGT 803Project Management Examination
MGT 810Special Topics in Management
MGT 898Written Communications
MGT 899Ethics Quiz
MGT 900Thesis in Management (MS)
MGT 960Research in Management (PhD)

Master of Technology Management for Experienced Professionals
EMT 607Managerial Economics
EMT 623Financial Management
EMT 624Financial Analysis for Technical Organizations
EMT 628Accounting Lab
EMT 635/ MGT 635 Managerial Judgment and Decision-Making
EMT 638/ MGT 638 Corporate Finance
EMT 642Marketing Management in Technical Organizations
EMT 664/ MGT 664 Business Law
EMT 672Realizing Value from Intellectual Property
EMT 675New Product and Service Innovation
EMT 677/ MGT 677 Emerging Technologies
EMT 714Technology Strategy
EMT 715Strategic Business Management
EMT 740Team Leadership Development in Technical Organizations
EMT 741Innovation Management Process
EMT 751Project Management and Leadership
EMT 752Corporate Entrepreneuring
EMT 754Practicum-Corporate Venturing
EMT 755Process Management in High-Tech Organizations
EMT 757Practicum-Effective Communication for Managers
EMT 758Practicum - Oral & Written Communication Competency
EMT 798/ MGT 798 Integration and Application of Technology Management
EMT 800Special Problem: EMTM
EMT 810Special Topics in Management of Technology

PhD: Technology Management
MGT 777/ CS 777 Introduction to Expert Systems
MGT 778Principles of Information Management I
MGT 779Principles of Information Management II

Service Management and Engineering
SME 610Fundamentals in Service Management in the Global Market
SME 620Customer Relationship Management
SME 710Service Strategy and Design
SME 720Service Innovation
SME 800Special Problems in Service Management (MS)
SME 810Special Topics in Service Management and Engineering

Telecommunications Management
TM 500Calculus for Telecommunications Managers
TM 550Introduction to Telecommunications Concepts
TM 584/ NIS 584/ EE 584 Wireless Systems Security
TM 586/ EE 586/ NIS 586 Wireless Networking: Architecture, Protocols and Standards
TM 601Principles of Applied Telecommunications Technology
TM 605/ NIS 505 Probability for Telecommunications Managers
TM 610Business Information Networks
TM 611Emerging Telecommunication Technologies
TM 612Regulation and Policy in the Telecommunication Industry
TM 613Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining for Telecommunications Managers
TM 614Principles of Traffic Engineering and Performance Analysis
TM 615Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
TM 616The Global Wireless Industry
TM 617Next Generation Wireless Systems
TM 618Wireless Network Performance Management
TM 619/ CPE 619/ NIS 619 E-Commerce Technologies
TM 621Telecommunications Signaling and Switching
TM 624/ MIS 640 Network Management
TM 630Broadband Networking Services and Technology
TM 631Broadband Service Management
TM 646/ MIS 646 Information Security Management
TM 669/ MIS 669 Analyzing and Leveraging Social Media Websites
TM 670Decision Analysis for Corporate Network Systems
TM 675/ MIS 648 Risk Analysis and Economics of Security
TM 694E-business Security and Information Assurance
TM 701TM Co-Op Education Project
TM 765Selected Topics in Telecommunications Management
TM 770/ NIS 770 Economics of Networks: Pricing, Auctions and Trading
TM 800Special Problems in Telecommunications Management (MS)
TM 801Special Problems in Telecommunications Management (PhD)
TM 810Special Topics in Telecommunications Management
TM 900Thesis in Telecommunications Management (MS)

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