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School of Systems & Enterprises Graduate Courses

Engineering Management
EM 600/ PME 600/ MGT 618 Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis
EM 605Elements of Operations Research
EM 612Project Management of Complex Systems
EM 620Engineering Cost Management
EM 650Quality and Process Management
EM 665Integrated Supply Chain Management
EM 680Designing and Managing the Development Enterprise
EM 690Selected Topics in Engineering Management
EM 800Special Problems in Engineering Management (ME)
EM 801Special Problems in Engineering Management (PhD)
EM 810Special Topics in Engineering Management
EM 900Thesis in Engineering Management (ME)
EM 960Research in Engineering Management (PhD)
TG 501Entrepreneurship and Business for Engineers and Scientists
TG 810Special Topics in Technogenesis

Systems Engineering
SYS 501Probability and Statistics for Systems Engineering
SYS 595Design of Experiments and Optimization
SYS 605Systems Integration
SYS 611Simulation and Modeling
SYS 625Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
SYS 630DAU Level I Certification Examinationion
SYS 631Level II Certification Examination
SYS 632Designing Space Missions and Systems (Module version is SDOE 632)
SYS 633Mission and System Design Verification and Validation
SYS 635/ SDOE 635 Human Spaceflight
SYS 636Space Launch and Transportation Systems
SYS 637Cost-Effective Space Mission Operations
SYS 638Crew Exploration Vehicle Design
SYS 640System Supportability and Logistics
SYS 645Design for System Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability
SYS 650System Architecture and Design
SYS 655Robust Engineering Design
SYS 660Decision and Risk Analysis
SYS 667Complex System Technologies and Application Domains
SYS 670Forecasting and Demand Modeling Systems
SYS 675Dynamic Pricing Systems
SYS 681Dynamic Modeling of Systems and Enterprise
SYS 710Research Methodologies
SYS 744Advanced Data Analysis for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
SYS 750Advanced System and Software Architecture Modeling and Assessment
SYS 760Advanced Decision and Risk Analysis
SYS 800Special Problems in Systems Engineering (ME)
SYS 801Special Problems in Systems Engineering (PhD)
SYS 810Selected Topics in Systems Engineering
SYS 900Thesis in Systems Engineering (ME)
SYS 960Research in System Engineering (PhD)

Systems Design and Operational Effectiveness
SDOE 533Software Cost Estimation and Metrics
SDOE 540Fundamentals of Software Engineering
SDOE 564Software Requirements Analysis and Engineering
SDOE 565Software Architecture and Component-Based Design
SDOE 567Software Testing, Quality Assurance, and Maintenance
SDOE 595Design of Experiments and Optimization
SDOE 605Systems Integration
SDOE 611Simulation and Modeling
SDOE 612Project Management of Complex Systems
SDOE 620Simulation-Based Costing and Acquisition
SDOE 621Fundamentals of Enterprise Systems
SDOE 625Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
SDOE 630Level I Certification Examination
SDOE 631Level II and III Certification Examination
SDOE 632Designing Space Missions and Systems
SDOE 633Mission and System Design Verification and Validation
SDOE 635/ SYS 635 Human Spaceflight
SDOE 636Space Launch and Transportation Systems
SDOE 637Cost-Effective Space Mission Operations
SDOE 638Crew Exploration Vehicle Design
SDOE 640System Supportability and Logistics
SDOE 645Design for Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability
SDOE 650System Architecture and Design
SDOE 655Robust Engineering Design
SDOE 660Decision and Risk Analysis
SDOE 665Integrated Supply Chain Management
SDOE 670Forecasting and Demand Modeling Systems
SDOE 675Dynamic Pricing Systems
SDOE 677Governing Development
SDOE 678Engineering of Agile Systems and Enterprises
SDOE 679Architecting the Extended Enterprise (ES/SDOE 679)
SDOE 680Designing and Managing the Development Enterprise
SDOE 681Dynamic Modeling of Systems and Enterprises
SDOE 683Design of Agile Systems and Enterprises
SDOE 684Systems Thinking
SDOE 687Engineering of Large Software Systems
SDOE 689Software Reliability Engineering
SDOE 710Research Methods
SDOE 750Advanced System and Software Architecture Modeling and Assessment
SDOE 760Advanced Decision and Risk Analysis

Financial Engineering
FE 530Introduction to Financial Engineering
FE 535Introduction to Financial Risk Management
FE 540Probability theory for FE
FE 590Introduction to Knowledge Engineering
FE 595Financial Systems Technology
FE 610Stochastic Calculus for Financial Engineers
FE 620Pricing and Hedging
FE 621Computational Methods in Finance
FE 630Portfolio Theory and Applications
FE 635Financial Enterprise Risk Engineering
FE 655Systemic Risk and Financial Regulation
FE 680Advanced Derivatives
FE 699Project in Financial Engineering
FE 700Master's Thesis in Financial Engineering
FE 800Project in Financial Engineering
FE 810Selected Topics in Financial Engineering
FE 900Master?s Thesis in Financial Engineering

Enterprise Systems
ES 621Fundamentals of Enterprise Systems
ES 677Governing Development
ES 678Engineering of Agile Systems and Enterprises
ES 679Architecting the Extended Enterprise (Module version is SDOE 679)
ES 683Design of Agile Systems and Enterprises (Module version is SDOE 683)
ES 684Systems Thinking
ES 690Introduction to Infrastructure Systems
ES 691Advanced Topics in Infrastructure Systems
ES 800Special Problems in Enterprise Systems (ME)
ES 801Special Problmes in Enterprise Systems (PhD)
ES 810Selected Topics in Enterprise Systems
ES 900Thesis in Enterprise Systems
ES 960Research in Enterprise Systems

Software Engineering
SSW 533Cost Estimation and Metrics
SSW 540Fundamentals of Software Engineering
SSW 555/ CS 555 Agile Methods for Software Development
SSW 564Software Requirements Analysis and Engineering
SSW 565Software Architecture and Component-Based Design
SSW 567Software Testing, Quality Assurance, and Maintenance
SSW 687Engineering of Large Software Systems
SSW 689Software Reliability Engineering
SSW 810Selected Topics in Systems Centric Software Engineering

Systems Engineering Security
SES 602Secure Systems Foundations
SES 603Secure Systems Laboratory
SES 622/ SES 623 Fundamentals of Security Systems Engineering
SES 623/ SES 622 Systems Security Architecture and Design


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