Juan Rios

Juan Rios is a Senior in the Music and Technology Program at Stevens. Originally from Peru, he hopes to work in the Music industry after graduation.

Juan Rios – Following Your Instinct

Hi everyone!

The end of last semester was fun. I got to play with Arduino, a very friendly open-source prototyping platform, and built a controller made with lasers, IR filters and heart beat sensor, that produced sound, and controlled things such as volume, pitch, frequency swiping, etc. It was a very interesting experience. I recommend you to experiment with it. It is great. I am working on a blog on my website explaining how I did it and what did I use. (more…)

Introductions – Juan Rios

Hello Everyone!

My name is Juan Manuel, I am originally from Peru and I came to the US 10 years ago. It was pretty difficult because I did not know anyone and I have to build myself up to where I am now. I feel blessed. I am currently a Senior in the Music Technology Program at Stevens.  I am following both the composition and sound design and production concentrations. Also, I am trying to get a minor degree in Computer Science. (more…)