Rob Ranalli

Robert Ranalli is a junior from Jersey City, New Jersey. He attended St. Benedict's Preparatory School in Newark, New Jersey and is a major in Philosophy and History. He is also working on his masters in Technology, Policy and Ethics with the College of Arts and Letters. After college, Robert hopes to attend law school and work in public policy. He is the current president of the law society, archivist for Redshift Magazine, and is on the wrestling team. He enjoys listening to music on his computer while playing video games, talking about nonsensical topics with his friends, and is an avid cartoon fanatic.

Rob Ranalli – AKA Teacher of Philosophy!

Classes get to be a burden, at some point. I have 18 credits – exactly half of which are for my masters – and while the discussions are interesting, the work can get to you. Today in my History of Science and Technology class, we argued about the Stevens Tech Strategic Plan. Without disseminating too much about the discussion (and trying not to get myself into trouble), it was a lively debate about whether managerial hierarchies actually listen to feedback, or if their attempts to open lines of communications are merely a public relations move. (more…)

Rob Ranalli – Like a Chicken With No Head

The past few weeks I have running around trying to find something big to do this summer. I have already been rejected (insert Dikembe Motumbo meme here) by a Fellowship at UC Berkeley, and am currently applying to an internship back in DC. Last year I was in Georgetown University’s Semester in Washington Program, but this year – hopefully – I’ll be staying at George Mason for the Engalitcheff Institute for DC Internships. This is an economic and public policy opportunity, which is something near what I am interested in after law school. I also have an interview with the ACLU of New Jersey sometime in March or April to interview for a position in August or in the fall. On top of that, I may call my high school headmaster and ask to teach a course during summer session (St. Benedict’s, my high school in Newark, NJ, runs from August to June). So, I have to juggle three possible opportunities (if I get them), or none! Sometimes it’s good to be paranoid. (more…)

Rob Ranalli – End of Semester Time!

Crunch time. With less than a week and a half, I have no less than 4 papers (ranging from 4-20 pages), 2 final exams and meetings. As much as I am working to get all of that done, I’m really looking forward to going to Texas – El Paso, specifically. I’m spending the holiday with my girlfriend’s family. I will have to do extra to be ready for my finals, but I think it’ll be well worth it. (more…)

Introductions – Rob Ranalli

What’s a duck to do on a blog? Quack? This is my first experience with blogging, so hopefully it is something as interesting to read as it will be for me to express. My name is Rob Ranalli, and I’m a busy-body. I am a philosophy and history major who is also working towards his masters of arts in technology, policy and ethics; and that’s just the beginning! I’m a part of Redshift, the literary magazine; the Law Society; the wrestling team; and my girlfriend is in a sorority, so I guess that makes me part of Greek life, too? (more…)