Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering degree is a multidisciplinary program that includes a blend of engineering, systems thinking, and management subjects. Graduates from this program will be prepared to work effectively at the interface between engineering and management and to assume professional positions of increasing responsibility. The Master's program consists of ten courses (five core courses, four specialty certificate course options, and one project).

One SYS Elective in a quantitative course to include SYS/SDOE 611, SYS 645, SYS/SDOE 660, SYS 681, SYS 670, or other as approved by your advisor.

Students wishing to pursue the thesis option will take 6 credit hours of SYS 900 and not take SYS 800 and the SYS elective. Only full time, resident students have the option to NOT take either a 3 or 6-hour projects class or a thesis. These students may take two SYS/EM/ES electives with the approval of their advisor. All part-time students admitted to the Systems Engineering program at SSE starting Summer 07 will be required to complete the SDOE 800 course. Student Project Guidelines (SYS800)

Students are encouraged to take an integrated four-course sequence leading to a Graduate Certificate for the four advisor-approved electives or four additional courses in Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, or Enterprise Systems. Most of these certificates are offered on-line via web-based instruction. Approved four-course sequences include:

  • Advanced Systems Architecting
  • Engineering Management
  • Enterprise Architecture and Governance
  • Financial Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices
  • Project Management
  • Space Systems Engineering
  • Systems Engineering Management
  • Systems and Supportability Engineering or
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Analysis

Specialty Certificate Options

Software Engineering

Systems Engineering Security

  • SES 602 Secure Systems Foundation
  • SES 603 Secure Systems Laboratory
  • SES 622 Fundamentals of Systems Security Engineering
  • SES 623 Secure Systems Architecture and Design