CPAC: The Dance

CPAC: The Dance returns for its second year! Prepare yourself once again for a sensory assault featuring sounds and rhythms, and intense, vivid dynamic lights. CPAC: The Dance is a high-intensity audiovisual feedback event engineered to move the body and blow the mind. Hit the dance floor and move to the beat of DJ Yattabyte and DJ Gnaw as they lead you through a night of epic proportions.

DJ Yattabyte

"Stop!" shouted the head technician. "You have the mixture all wrong!" But the sequence could not be stopped once it had begun. The roof of the chamber was torn off and blown skyward with a crangious gronching sound. Beyond, the sky, normally the color of a television tuned to a dead channel, burst forth with color, light, and a cacophony that could only be described as well, happy. Keiko giggled and threw her hands towards the sky, pointing her index and middle fingers into a pair of Vs.
"Hes here."
"What? Who?"
She smiled. "Yattabyte-sama."
The technician wiped his glasses and stared. "Then perhaps... the mixture was correct?"
"It always was, and always will be."
DJ Yattabyte has DJed his own eclectic blend of styles at AnimeNEXT, MangaNEXT, and CPAC 2010, and despite the rumors, he did not receive his powers in a laboratory accident. He was born with them.

DJ Gnaw

DJ Gnaw is from East Brunswick, New Jersey. DJ Gnaw likes robots because chicks dig robots. You may see him cosplay some mechs at different cons. His hobbies also include Gundam model making, DJing, Snowboarding, and raving. DJ Gnaw is also a huge fan of Totoro and other classic anime. He is currently going to an audio school to better himself in the audio field. DJ Gnaw plays everything from trance, dance, hardstyle, and techno. DJ Gnaw will make you remember the dance. Stay Gold and remember: "Love and Peace."

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