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Castle Point Anime Convention is created and organized by the members of the Stevens Anime Club and will be held on April 10, 2011 on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. Castle Point Anime Convention is just minutes away from New York City and is easily accessible by PATH, NJ Transit, ferry, and bus. Castle Point Anime Convention aims to promote anime, manga, and Japanese culture as well as providing a fun experience for attendees.

For the most recent updates, see our news post below.

Pocket Guide - April 9, 2011

Interested in scheduling for this year's CPAC? Well, I have the perfect update for you! Our pocket guide is now online with the schedule for all of the events. Only one more day.

Insert Witty Yu-Gi-Oh! Joke Here - April 6, 2011

For those of you interested in card games, board games and/or tournaments related to those topics you should check out our card and board gaming section which was just put up. We'll be hosting a Yu-Gi-Oh! sandbox tournament and a magic draft this year so make sure you visit the card and board game room to sign up on the day of the convention. For now you can check out the rules. In other news cosplay event registration has been extended until Friday April 8th. You should all sign up because I've had a sneak peek at the action and it looks like the events will be even more exciting then ever before.

So Much to Do So Little Time!!! - April 5, 2011

Hey guys, we recently received a lot of questions about the at the door registration. If you didn't pre-register for the convention you can still get into the convention. We will be holding at door registration for the low price of $15. We hope to see you there!

One Week to Go! - April 2, 2011

Hey everyone, it's almost midnight, and that means there is only one more day to pre-register for CPAC. I repeat, this is not a drill, as of Midnight, Sunday/Monday, the registration will close. What does this mean? Well, you can still get a ticket at the door but supplies may be limited and there is a price increase for the ticket if you buy it at the door, so what are you waiting for, get online and register.

Programming Guide Online - March 29, 2011

Hey guys! Our programming guide just went up! We made it smaller than last year for loading purposes but it is still a large file so it may take a minute or two to load. The art was made by our wonderful convention artist, Caroline Amaba she did some awesome work this year and we really appreciate it. Registration closes at the end of the week so get on it if you haven't already. We're looking forward to seeing you all at CPAC!

Pre-Registration Extended - March 27, 2011

We have a new guest! This year we're welcoming Mike Pollock, please visit our guests page for more information. Also, some information for CPAC: The Dance is up. For some more important news, by popular demand, we've decided to extend our pre-registration period! So be sure to pre-register before it closes for good.

Panel and Workshop Registration Closed - March 23, 2011

Today we shut down panels and workshop registration. The schedule will be up soon. Remember, registration ends on Sunday, March 27th.

Pre-Registration Ending - March 22, 2011

Castle Point Anime Convention is fast approaching and that means that the time for pre-registration is running out. In just a few short days, on March 27, 2011 Pre-Registration will be closing. If you would like to attend CPAC at a reduced pre-registration price please visit our registration page.

Another Website Update - March 14, 2011

Hey guys! A few updates were made to the website. The first update is in regards to cosplay, we now have some general cosplay guidelines for the convention and information on how to sign up for the Cosplay Masquerade and the Hall Cosplay Competition. In addition we made some updates on the Anime Music Video page that provide more information on contest guidelines. The convention is approaching quickly and more information will be added soon so keep checking in and be sure to register so you don't miss out on CPAC 2011!

For the Holidays - December 14, 2010

Good news everyone! Registration for Dealer's Room, Artist's Alley, Panels, AMVs, and Press Passes have all gone up! Happy Holidays from all the CPAC Staff! Speaking of which... you know what is a great gift for the holidays... passes to CPAC! So make sure to register!

...And We Have a Layout! - November 02, 2010

I hope you all had a great Halloween! I know we did! Anyway, I have a new layout for you guys. It was made by our wonderful convention artist Caroline. It is much more small browser and mobile friendly, so be sure to check us out! We even added a sidebar where you can keep up to date with our twitter. Also, don't forget to register so you can be sure you'll get your ticket.

Forums are Working Again?! - October 22, 2010

Hey guys, after a lot of hard work of the part of the convention staff, the forums once again working! Unfortunatly we lost all of the old member data trying to fix it, so if you're interested in becoming a member please join!

In other news, I know a lot of you are waiting for dealer's room and artist's alley registration to open, and we are working our hardest to open it up. In the next month or so we hope to have it online, so keep an eye out!

Upcoming Convention & Pre-Registration - August 17, 2010

The staff of the Castle Point Anime Convention is pleased to announce that the date for its upcoming convention will be, April 10th 2011. Stay tuned for the latest news as we prepare for the convention or join the newsletter to be up to date.

More importantly pre-registration is now open! You may purchase individual registrations for $12 or a group rate of $50 for 5 people. Click Here to register today!

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