Akcora Research Group

Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science


We work on polymer decorated nanoparticles, colloids and gels to create new multi-functional soft materials. We investigate organization of nanoparticles in solution and bulk to design dynamic materials for their interesting mechanical, conductive and dynamic properties. We utilize various interactions of ionic, magnetic, polymeric and van der Waals in designing hybrid nanomaterials with tunable properties through controlling particle ordering. These nanocomposite materials are analogous to smart ones as particle-polymer interphases are dynamic and also respond to large shear deformation unusually. They can be designed to be biocompatible in which assembly of particles is further facilitated by protein-protein interactions and with other biologically relevant molecules. The following pages provide an outlook of projects running in our laboratory.


Soft Materials Lab

evaporation-controlled deposition of colloids in a polymer droplet

assembly of polymer grafted nanoparticles in solution

streptavidin attached block copolymer

thin films

Dr. Akcora