Staff Info

NOTE: When you are done with your shows, put up the volume for the automated computer. It's channel 11 on the console.

Record Library Use: We are currently in the process of re-creating the database of all the music available in our record library. The completed list can be downloaded via the link below:

Record Library Database Updated: 1/27/10

Policy: Any music you wish to borrow from the library can be requested by emailing the record number to

If you are unsure how to use the turntable, PLEASE email and request training or come to the weekly meetings for training.

Send your show title, time, day of the week and a brief description to the to it get up on the website. Also, you may include any pictures you'd like.  

WCPR is currently maintaining the Class-Scheduler. Click here to learn more

Meet the Staff

Name: Brian Madden
Major: Electrical Engineering
WCPR Position: General Manager
Other Activities: Reading, Playing music, Video Games
Hometown: Jackson, NJ
Five Bands you can't go on listening without: St. Vincent, Mac DeMarco, Gorillaz, King Khan, Death Grips
Favorite Movie: Drive
Song you hate to admit you like: Fancy by Iggy Azalea
Paul Name: Tony Bevacqua
Major: Music and Technology
WCPR Position: Studio Engineer
Other Activities: Jogging through fields of flowers, browse the internet in incognito mode, collect used plastic spoons, collect stamps with state birds on them
Hometown: The Moon
Five Bands you can't go on listening without: The Naked Brothers Band, Nickelback, Gnarkill, Andy Waldron, The Beatles feat. Yoko Ono
Favorite Movie: Planes: Fire & Rescue
       Name: Tatyana Fedorenko
Major: Structural Engineering
WCPR Position:Publicity Manager
I'm Tatyana, Publicity Manager of WCPR. I'm studying Structural Engineering because I want to design awesome infrastructure. I'm involved in Alpha Phi Omega, a community service fraternity, and Tau Beta PMusic is universal and I love when you find the perfect song to suit the moment. And what better place to explore music than at WCPR? I hope to see you there!
Name: Andrew "Andy" Waldron
WCPR Position:Record Librarian
Andy Waldron is WCPR's current Record Librarian, a 2/4 Music & Technology major working on a double minor in Visual Arts & Technology and Literature, and also the president of Audio Engineering Club, Webmaster of SUMAC, and a Tour Guide spittin' facts and takin' names for Stevens.
When he isn't around the station hanging out, discussing Kanye West's impact on today's culture, mumbling in-between tunes on his show, "Broken Noise," or cataloging our immense and throbbing record collection, you can usually find Andy jamming with others, creating bleeps and bloops on his laptop, making playlists for people to listen to, or reading–– he's really into David Foster Wallace's novels right now.
He hopes you check out our station along with its friendly, passionate, and drop-dead attractive staff and members. Feel free to chat him up about anything you'd like--- he'll be the one rocking a semi-clever t-shirt, unkempt facial hair, and using unnecessary hand gestures while speaking.
Name: Dylan Praul
Major: Computer Engineering
WCPR Position: System Administrator/Web Administrator
Hi I'm Dylan. This website sucks. I'll fix it soon.
Name: Patrick MacLane
Major: Electrical Engineering
WCPR Position: Programming Manager
Other Activities: Long walks on the beach, jumping up and down when they drop the bass,  graphics design, jogging, and eating.
Hometown: Middletown, NJ
Five Bands you can't go on listening without: KEANE, Above & Beyond, Earth, Wind & Fire, Tears for Fears, Barry White.
Favorite Movie: Goldeneye
Song you hate to admit you like: Nickelback - Photograph
Name: Katie Mulligan
Major: Office Manager
WCPR Position: reading, photography, Theta Phi Alpha
Other Activities: Reading, Playing music, Video Games
Hometown: Bergenfield, NJ
Neil Young, Billy Joel, Arctic Monkeys, The Wombats, alt-J
Favorite Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Song you hate to admit you like: Undressed - Kim Cessarion
Name:Evan Forman
Major: Mechanical Engineering
WCPR Position:  Business Manager
Other Activities:going to concerts, mustaches, roller coasters and amusement parks
Hometown: Cherry Hill, NN
Five Bands you can't go on listening without: Dr. Dog, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Fold, The Flaming Lips Favorite Movie: Across the Universe
Song you hate to admit you like: Yoko Ono's cover of Katy Perry's Firework ...look it up