Rules of WCPR

  1. Limit the indecent/obscene language during broadcasts. Remember, the Stevens administration listens to WCPR - don't give us a bad image!
  2. WCPR property does not leave the station grounds. Suspected or caught thievery will result in suspension and/or expulsion from WCPR, and possibly torture.
  3. Attend the meetings!
  4. Fill out the Damage Form as soon as possible if something breaks or does not function the way it should. If necessary, send an IM to an e-board officer.
  6. Always make sure the AutoDJ is broadcasting when you leave.
  7. Make sure that all windows and doors are locked after your show is done.
  8. If you are going to eat during your show, use the garbage cans located in various parts of the station to throw away your garbage. Mommy doesn’t work here, so clean up after yourself.
  9. Do a station ID (saying “this is WCPR, Castle Point Radio” for example) at the beginning and end of your show, as well as during the show (roughly once every 15-20 minutes is a good frequency).
  10. All guests must abide by the rules of WCPR. DJs are responsible for guests.
  11. Arrive on time for your show.
  12. DJs are responsible for callers who go on air and what they say.
  13. Always observe station policies and FCC regulations. Stevens Policies must also be observed. Profanity is covered under FCC regulations Show material should always respect copyright laws.
  14. HAVE FUN!

Studio B Policy

Studio B is a studio room WCPR uses to broadcast live bands across the radio.  During the off time we are offering it as a small practice studio and recording area.  The reason for this is because we would like to contribute to the student interest in music.  This is, however, at our own discretion and misuse will force us to terminate this policy.

There is a Studio B schedule going into effect.  Please see us about the schedule. Bands must contact us to schedule time to use the studio one week prior to the requested time.

Studio B is setup as a “headphone only” studio.  Instruments are line in, into a mixing console and sent to a headphone distribution system.  For recording, we take the individual line inputs into our recoding console and have a separate mixing level for each.

If you would like to use Studio B in the off time, be prepared to bring your own headphones, instruments, microphones, and stands.  The only equipment in the room will be the direct input converters, drums, mixing console, and headphone distribution amp.

It is set up for our use.  Do not remove, disassemble, or re-arrange the equipment.

If you feel the need to use your own equipment in the studio please do not try and input them into our system.  Here are some possible ways you can use our setup with your extra equipment:

Choice 1:  If you want to use your own amp or instrument (other than line level):  Put on the floor and plug your instrument into it.  Then put headphones on.  You will be able to hear all the instruments in the headphones expect yours.  Now turn your amp volume up until you hear your amp outside the headphones and the music from inside the headphones evenly.  You're done.

Choice 2:  Put a microphone in front of the amp or instrument and plug the microphone into the mixing console.  Adjust volumes appropriately.

Please do not leave equipment, as many people go in and out of the WCPR each day.  We will not be responsible for lost or stolen property.

Thank you for your cooperation.