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 Telephone Feature Keys                    


HOLD                                       HEADSET

MUTE                                       MESSAGE

QUIT                                         CALL LOG

COPY                                       REDIAL LIST 

SHIFT                                       NAVIGATION KEYS

OPTIONS                                 VOLUME CONTROL

GOODBYE                               DIRECTORY/CALL LOG



GOODBYE Used as a hang up or quick release key.


HOLD - Allows you to put a call on hold.


HANDSFREE Allows you to use your phone as a speaker. You can press the hansfree and dial your number or if you are on a call you can press handsfree and put the receiver back in the cradle.


VOLUME CONTROL Allows you to adjust the volume of your current call.


HEADSET Enables you to use your headset. If you wish to use your handset press the headset button a second time to disable. The headset can be plugged into the bottom of the phone.


MUTE Pressing mute allows you to mute your end of the conversation. The party on the other end of the line cannot hear you, but you can hear them. Press MUTE a second time to return to normal.


OPTIONS Allows you to customize your phone for language on your display, contrast, volume, ring type, communications adapter, date & time.





Use your navigation keys located above your OPTION key to scroll through your options menu and select the option you wish to change. Once you have chosen your option follow the steps to turn on or off or change your selection.

Press Done to save your changes.


QUIT While customizing your options you can just press quit to exit without saving your changes.


MESSAGE Use this button to check your telephone messages. Either pick up your handset or press the handsfree key for a dial tone before pressing the message button.


DIRECTORY/CALL LOG Your CALL LOG records all your incoming and outgoing calls. Under your options menu you can program your phone to answer all unanswered incoming calls instead of all incoming calls. The CALL LOG holds your 100 most recent calls only on the M3904s.


CALL LOG Holds up to 10 entries incoming and 10 outgoing only on the M3903


REDIAL LIST Records your last 20 calls on M3904s or last 5 outgoing calls on M3903s

NAVIGATION KEYS Allows you to navigate through the options menu and/or scroll through your selections


COPY On M3904s you can copy numbers from your CALL LOG and/or your REDIAL list to your personal directory.


Note: There is an accessory cartridge that allows your M3904 to connect to your PC. By using the personal directory PC utility application , you can create a directory on your pc and transfer it to your telephone.


SHIFT use the shift key to answer any additional lines you may have programmed into your shifted mode


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