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Residence Halls Voice Mail (CallPilot)


Before you can start using your CallPilot voice mail you need to set up your Family Mailbox and your Individual Mailbox.  

For Campus Police dial 99.

To forward you calls to another 4 digit number (on campus only) press *3.

The students can get their AT&T ACUS authorization codes by calling 1-800-445-6063.

For an outside line dial 6.

Family Mailbox greeting is the greeting that callers get when they dialed your phone number.  It can be, for example, "You have reached the voicemail of John and Mike.  Press "1" to leave a message for John.  Press "2" to leave a message for Mike."  

Individual Mailbox greeting is what the callers get after they pressed "1" or "2".  It is the student's individual greeting which you record yourself.

For Doubles, one of the students will need to record the Family Mailbox greeting.  Then each of the two students will need to record their Individual Mailbox greetings.

For Palmer Quads, two Family Mailbox greetings and four (one for each student) Individual Mailbox greetings will be needed.

For Palmer Singles, only an Individual Mailbox greeting will need to be recorded.

To record Family Mailbox greeting

  1. Dial 5002

  2. You will hear "Voice Item Maintenance.  Application ID:"

  3. Put in you application ID, which is your extension number followed by the number sign (#)

  4. You will be asked for your password. Click here to get your password. Put in your password followed by the number sign (#)

    ATTENTION: Access for students to obtain family mailbox pins is not available between the hours of 3am and 7am. 

  5. You will hear "Voice Item Maintenance for application ID #### prompt ID #####. "  Where #### are random numbers.  

  6. To begin recording press 5, to end recording press number sign (#)

EXAMPLE for a "1234" extension with "987654" password:

  • You dial:        5002

  • You hear:       "Voice Item Maintenance.  Application ID: "

  • You dial:        1234#

  • You hear:       "Password: "

  • You dial:        987654#

  • You hear:       "Voice Item Maintenance for application ID 60056. Prompt ID 490034: To begin recording press 5, to end recording press number sign"

  • After recording the greeting you will be given an option to review the greeting by pressing 2 or rerecord by pressing 5.


To record Individual Mailbox greeting 

After you record the Family Mailbox greeting you will be able to set up your Individual Mailbox greeting.  

  1. Dial 5005

  2. You will hear "Nortel CallPilot.  Mailbox: "

  3. Put in your mailbox number followed by 1 or 2, then press #. (decide with your roommate who will use 1 and who will use 2)

  4. You will be asked for you password

  5. Your temporary password (You will need to change it at your first log on) is 201***** followed by a number sign.  Where ***** is your extension plus 1 or 2.    For Palmer Singles the temporary password is just 201 and your extension.

  6. After you put in your temporary password you will hear, "The temporary password assigned by your administrator must be changed.  To access your mailbox please press 84 and change your password"

  7. Press 84.

  8. You will hear. "Password change.  To authorize the change please enter your old password followed by the number sign."

  9. Put in you temporary password, then press #.

  10. You will be asked to enter your new password followed by the number sign.

  11. Enter your new password, then press #

  12. You will be asked to  enter your new password again followed by the number sign.

  13. After the password is changed successfully you will hear, "You password has been changed"

  14. Press 82  for greeting menu.  There are three kinds of greeting you can record.  An external greeting is a greeting that callers from off campus will hear.  Internal greeting is the greeting that people calling form campus will hear.  Callers from off campus may also get your internal greeting if they are transferred to your mailbox from another campus phone (for example, the front desk).  If you do not record an internal greeting, all callers hear your external greeting. You can also record a temporary greeting telling your callers thar you are away.  All callers will get your temporary greeting if you record one

  15.  Press 1 for external greeting, 2 for internal greeting, or 3 for temporary greeting

  16. Press 5 to record.  Wait for the tone, then record your greeting

  17. Press # to end recording

  18. To review your greeting press 2



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