Hi everyone! Welcome to the Theta Phi Blog! I'm Janine Ambubuyog the current Theta Phi treasurer. So we decided to start up this blog so you can get to know the lovely ladies of Theta Phi Alpha. Each of us will take turns blogging and you'll get a little taste of our personalities from how and what we write. Hope you enjoy it!

So I guess I'll start with my experience with Omicron Pi going Theta Phi Alpha this semester...



So far it's been an exciting process. Learning new things and starting out as a pledge sister again really makes me feel closer to these women that I can call sisters. We're all in this together (like Gabriella and Troy, ya get it? like HSM?). We're all working hard together and supporting one another with each of our events and goals. Recruitment was great thanks to the planning of Annina and Mae. And our 2nd French Toast night was also very successful. Cheyenne did a great job, and being treasurer I'm especially thankful for her and the big chunk of change she brought in. Something we do every week that really gets our Theta Phi pride out there are Sunday Greek sports. So the attendance has been great, thanks to Natalia, we actually have girls playing AND cheering. It's really fun getting out there and not really knowing what we're doing but just playing to play.

I love these girls. And I know anyone can just say that, but honestly I speak from the heart and I even teared up a few weeks ago just talking to a few girls about how glad I am to be part of something great. I love these girls so much that I'd get a matching tattoo with some of my sisters because I know that's how permanent they are in my life ;P. Pledging a sorority was the best thing I did at Stevens.

<3 Kicky Cities


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