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Master's Degree


  • IPD 601 Integrated Product Development I
  • IPD 602 Integrated Product Development II
  • IPD 611 Modeling and Simulation
  • IPD 612 Project Management and Organizational Design

Armament Engineering Track
Program Directors: Dr. Souran Manoochehri and Dr. Siva Thangam

This technology track provides an interdisciplinary graduate education in Armament Engineering. The program emphasizes system engineering of military weapons from concept through development and field use. Technical disciplines in the design and manufacture of explosives, modeling and simulation of the interior and exterior ballistics, rocket and missile design, guidance and control, modern research instrumentation, and testing procedures are emphasized.

  • ME 504 Interior Ballistics and Design for Projection
  • ME 505 Theory and Performance of Propellants and Explosives I
  • ME 506 Theory of Performance of Propellants and Explosives II
  • ME 507 Exterior Ballistics
  • ME 508 Terminal Ballistics

Computer Engineering Track Program
Director: Prof. Stuart Tewksbury

The track in Computer Engineering highlights signals and information in a digital format, combining hardware principles, software integration and data manipulation algorithms. Upon completion of the Computer Engineering Concentration, the student will have received a broad background in the several principles and practices related to data/information systems design and implementation. The student will select six courses in this concentration with the approval of an advisor.

  • CPE 643 Logical Design of Digital Systems I
  • CPE 690 Introduction to VLSI Design
  • CPE 654 Design and Analysis of Network Systems
  • EE 663 Digital Signal Processing I
  • CPE 645 Image Processing and Computer Vision

Electrical Engineering Track

The track in Electrical Engineering emphasizes the major themes intrinsic to design, manufacture and implementation of electronic systems. Mathematical principles underlie all aspects of engineered systems and a solid background in such principles is emphasized. Contemporary systems reflect a mixture of analog and digital circuit techniques and students are provided with a background in both. Today's systems also reflect an integration of several means of manipulating signals, ranging from traditional analog filters to advanced digital signal processing techniques. Upon completion of the concentration, the student will understand the core principles guiding the design, manufacture, and implementation of today's diverse set of electronic systems and will have been exposed to representative application areas.

  • EE 605 Probability and Stochastic Processes I
  • EE 602 Analytical Methods in Electrical Engineering
  • EE 603 Linear System Theory
  • CPE 643 Logical Design of Digital Systems I
  • CPE 690 Introduction to VLSI Design
  • EE 663 Digital Signal Processing I

Manufacturing Technologies Track
Program Director: Dr. Souran Manoochehri

This track integrates product design, materials processing, and manufacturing expertise with modern computer software technology. The program is specifically concerned with product design for manufacturing, manufacturing systems analysis and development, and robotics and control, and the integration of the various phases and activities associated with turning a concept into a deliverable product. Different manufacturing processes are introduced and the design and control of these processes are discussed. Of particular interest are the development and implementation of models to predict the effects of design and manufacturing choices on system performance, producibility and economics.

  • ME 560 Total Quality Control
  • ME 564 Principles of Optimum Design and Manufacture
  • ME 566 Design for Manufacturability
  • ME 598 Introduction to Robotics
  • ME 621 Introduction to Modern Control Engineering
  • ME 652 Advanced Additive Manufacturing

Systems Reliability and Design
Program Director: Prof. George Hudak

This program focuses on issues that arise in the design and implementation of specific components or sub-assemblies of a complex system, rather than on the engineering of the overall system itself. Included is the diverse set of engineering skills that must be applied in the design and development of a complex system.

  • SYS 595 Design of Experiments and Optimization
  • SYS 605 Systems Integration
  • SYS 650 System Architecture and Design
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