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Protecting American Coastal Cities and Port Commerce
Extreme Weather & Climate Change

Dr. Alan BlumbergNew York City Hurricane Threat Assessment
Researchers funded by NASA collaborate to quantify the effect of storm surges and climate-change on both sea level and rainfall in NYC neighborhoods.

Dr. Philip OrtonProtecting Coastal Cities from Floods
Funded by NOAA, Stevens and Columbia partner with local officials in New York City and Boston to minimize the damage from severe weather and rising sea levels.

Dr. Alan Blumberg Online Storm Surge Risk Analysis
NYSERDA has commissioned a customized Web application that merges flooding data into a single model that aids public officials, resources managers and the public in assessing the risks to their community.

Dr. Alan BlumbergDrought Hinders River Transport
Using innovative technology, experts at Stevens assist the Hudson River Pilots Association navigate shallower waters.

Dr. Thomas Wakeman & Dr. Hady SalloumEngineering Resilient Ports
Stevens DHS National Center of Excellence for Secure and Resilient Commerce is collaborating with the Weirton Area Port Authority to enhance port performance, improve security and increase profitability.

Dr. Bruce ParkerPredicting Tsunamis
Better prediction and warning systems minimize the impact of natural disasters.

Dr. Knut StamnesMeasuring our Planet's Health
Supported by NASA, novel remote sensing capabilities enable scientists to study any ocean environment on-demand using satellites.

MagelloReal-time Urban Environmental Monitoring [VIDEO]
Comprehensive critical real-time information for emergency first-responders mitigates the spread of environmental contamination in American cities and ports.

Dean Michael Bruno
Dr. Michael Bruno
Dean, Schaefer School of Engineering & Science

In response to extreme weather events, federal, state and local agencies are engaging Stevens experts to safeguard our nation's coastal cities, rivers and ports. Stevens researchers are expanding their efforts to assess, predict and mitigate the damage of natural and man-made disasters while improving port efficiency and resilience. Our innovative approaches and ground breaking technological advancements are setting new standards in environmental science and maritime engineering.


Michael Bruno

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