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Quantum Computing Innovations

Cybersecurity in a Post-Quantum WorldCybersecurity in a Post-Quantum World
New encryption methods strengthen current cybersecurity efforts and establish a platform for the secure communication of quantum computers.

Controlling Quantum EntanglementLeaping Quantum Hurdles
Understanding how and why quantum entanglement breaks down will inform strategies to prevent loss of information in a quantum information transmission, unlocking the power of quantum computing.

Researching Decoherence in Quantum ControlUltra-cold Quantum Control
Researchers at Stevens are using ultra-cold atomic and molecular systems to enable ultra-fast quantum computation and eliminate decoherence that can hinder reliable transmission of information.

Quantum Computer Chip BreakthroughQuantum Computer Chip Breakthrough
Advancements in quantum photonic devices will enable future chips to power high-speed, secure quantum information processing.

What is Decoherence?Accelerating Research with Quantum Computing [VIDEO]
Financial and biological systems are deeply intricate, and once decoherence is counteracted, quantum computing will give researchers the power to engineer better solutions to increasingly complex systems.

Dean Michael Bruno
Dr. Michael Bruno
Dean, Schaefer School of Engineering & Science

The enormous potential of quantum technology to transform society with the ultimate assurance of secure communications and ultrafast processing power is a driving force for our researchers to overcome scientific challenges and play an important role in the emergence of innovations that will pave the way for the next generation of disruptive technologies.


Michael Bruno

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