Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering & Science
Stevens Institute of Technology

Energy & Environment

Harnessing wind energy
Department of Energy funding supports new methods for studying wind fields in 3D to maximize offshore wind energy projects.

Greener natural gas
The National Science Foundation funds this nanotechnology research to develop a new catalytic process for converting natural gas into benzene.

Clean water for Bangladesh [VIDEO]
A portable arsenic analyzer makes it possible for millions of families in Bangladesh to instantly find out if their drinking water contains toxic metals.

Biomedical & Health

Can an ant colony help trauma patients?
Swarm intelligence will be used to grow better nerve graft tissues in this multi-disciplinary study funded by the National Institute of Health.

Skin tissues for burn victims [VIDEO]
Growing skin tissues with hair to make life-like skin grafts for patients suffering from burns and other injuries, funded through multiple NSF grants.

Nanotechnology & Multiscale

Quantum computer chip breakthrough
The object of this NSF CAREER Award is to scale up production of semiconductor quantum dots for quantum computing devices.

Monitoring bridge safety
Embedded nanodevice sensors keep tabs on America's infrastructure with National Science Foundation support.

Extending the life of America's infrastructure
With NSF funding, researchers add nanosilica to the mix for more durable concrete in our buildings, roads, and dams.

Systems & Security

Building the Future Internet
NSF funds this multi-university collaboration to reenvision the Web from the ground up. Stevens cryptography experts contribute to a consortium that includes UPenn, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Penn, Cornell, and Berkeley.

Streamlining defense data
Ambitious new DARPA program seeks to make video, audio, and radar systems understand and even respond to threats.

Faster, more reliable wireless connections
Multiple grants from NSF and the National Institute of Justice support development of cognitive radio systems that will benefit emergency first responders.

Dean Michael Bruno
Dr. Michael Bruno
Dean, School of Engineering & Science
Phone: (201) 216-5338

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