28 Mar 2013
March 28, 2013

Student Spotlight: Paige Cataruozolo ’13

Paige Cataruozolo

Meet Paige Cataruozolo, a member of the Business and Technology/Fundraising team!

Q- How did you get involved with Solar Decathlon?

PC- I got involved with this project when it was offered to the Business and Technology Senior Design class as a potential project.  My team and I were excited to be involved in a project that would actually make a difference as opposed to a theoretical project that would never come into fruition.

Q- What is your major and how are you contributing your skills to the project.

PC- I am a business and technology major with a concentration in marketing. I am using my marketing background to help identify the best ways to approach potential sponsors that will get the most traction.

Q- Are you planning on aiding in the construction of the house?

PC- Our team hopes to be a part of the construction of the house as much as possible.

Q- What skills have you acquired throughout the preparation for Solar D? How will you use these skills in your future career in industry or academia?

PC- I have learned how to work with people who think differently then I do (engineers for example). I have learned how to schedule meetings with members who have drastically different schedules and make meetings as effective as possible, especially when they are short due to scheduling conflicts. I have also learned the value of project management tools such as the raid log we have implemented that keeps our team on track and accountable for the tasks they are assigned.

Q- What keeps you motivated to stay on the team and continue to work on the house?

PC- The amount of time and work our team has put into fundraising efforts thus far is what keeps me motivated. It would be terrible to see something we have put so much energy into fail.

Q- What is one fun fact you want people to know about you?

PC- I was on the Stevens Women’s fencing team