08 Jul 2013
July 8, 2013

Student Spotlight: Courtney Gnash

This week’s Student Spotlight is on Courtney Gnash, a Music & Technology major graduating in 2016.

How did you get involved with Solar Decathlon?
My professor from first semester mentioned the Solar Decathlon project to me and noted that they needed more people on their communications team, so I decided to join!
Are you excited for the Xpo in Irvine, California? What are you planning on doing during your stay?
I am beyond excited! I plan on keeping everyone back home updated on the progress of our house through our website, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social media outlets.
What is your major and how are you contributing your skills to the project?
I am a Music and Technology Major, so I am contributing mostly my writing skills to the project. I also take most of the pictures of the house that you see on our social media, as well as the vlogs.
What Solar Decathlon team are you a part of?
What is your specific role in the project? What innovations have you personally made to the house?
As a part of the Communications team, I am in charge of making sure the website is neat and informative. Also, I post updates and cool news stories to the social media we utilize. I also put up pictures of the construction of our house, as well as photo updates whenever something cool happens.
Are you planning on aiding in the construction of the house?
Yes, I’m staying on the team and working over the summer.
Once the seniors graduate, do you think the Stevens team will be able to still accomplish it’s goals?
Although we will miss them very much, their knowledge and expertise will definitely be utilized by us, making it possible for us to continue on in hopes of winning the Solar Decathlon.
Do you have any ideas for spreading the news about Ecohabit?
It’s really important for us to utilize social media and help our readers become engaged.
Is this your first Solar Decathlon competition? If not, how does this experience compare to the one you had building Empowerhouse?
What skills have you acquired throughout the preparation for Solar D? How will you use these skills in your future career in industry or academia?
My writing skills have definitely improved. Also, I have noticed the importance of communication between different teams of the project.
What keeps you motivated to stay on the team and continue to work on the house?
Knowing that the house will eventually go to a greater cause definitely keeps me motivated; it’s nice to know that my hard work will make a big difference in someone’s life.