16 Jul 2013
July 16, 2013

Sponsor Shoutout: DOW Powerhouse

This week’s sponsor shoutout is for DOW Powerhouse, a solar company that specializes in solar shingles.

DOW’s solar shingles (which are being used on Ecohabit) are the first of their kind and are more efficient than regular solar arrays. Blending seamlessly with the rest of a house, DOW’s solar shingles eliminate the need for a big, bulky solar rack, which drastically lowers the cost of implementing solar power in a house.

Once in place, the power collected from the solar shingles goes through a converter and is then sent throughout the house to be used. A net data meter monitors the house’s energy usage and lets the occupants see how much they save on energy costs as well as how much energy their solar array produces.

DOW Powerhouse has graciously donated a solar shingle array to Ecohabit, allowing us to make the solar aspect of the house as inconspicuous as possible. Stay tuned for an infographic about it!

Thanks, DOW! :)