26 Jun 2013
June 26, 2013

Sponsor Shoutout: Bonland Industries

Last Friday, members of the Ecohabit team went to Bonland Industries, not to pick up our duct work, but to actually build it.

Our team members walked into the building and were welcomed by the entire Bonland Team and shown to the warehouse behind the offices. Once in the warehouse, our team members were paired up with some of Bonland’s best and were shown how flat sheets of metal were turned into ducts to be used in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. Bonland allowed our members to help build all of the duct work that will be put into Ecohabit, teaching the team how to construct ducts and also giving those members a deeper understanding of the HVAC system that is being but into Ecohabit.

On behalf of our team, I would like to give a huge thanks to Bonland, not only for supporting our team but also taking the time to teach the team about something they wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to!

Thanks guys!!