05 Aug 2013
August 5, 2013

Student Spotlight: Zak Moy

Team Member

1. How did you get involved with Solar Decathlon?

I got involved with the Solar Decathlon when my advisor asked if I could help the team design a logo.  Little did I know it would be more than just a logo and I would be opening a whole can of worms. (I’m loving every minute of it though!)

2. Are you excited for the Xpo in Irvine, California? What are you planning on doing during your stay?

I’m super excited for the Xpo.  It’s going to be stressful and super busy, but I hope I have some relaxation time as I would love to visit other sections of the Xpo and tour all of the other homes.

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31 Jul 2013
July 31, 2013

Sponsor Shoutout: Sheoga Flooring

This week’s Sponsor Shoutout is to Sheoga! Now that we have our beautiful hardwood floors installed, we figured it would be the perfect time to talk about Sheoga. They are based in Middlefield, Ohio, and strive to provide quality hardwood flooring at affordable prices. Also, they are extremely environmentally minded. All of the wood Sheoga harvests is from Ohio’s own Appalachian forest. They mainly use horses to transport their wood, which is less harmful to young trees and plants than other forms of transport. All of their wood is air-dried rather than kiln-dried, which means no energy is wasted to dry their wood.

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30 Jul 2013
July 30, 2013

Infographic: bio-PCMs

Do you know what’s between the walls of Ecohabit? They’re bioPCMs, a material that helps stabilize the temperature of the indoor living space. How? Read and find out!

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26 Jul 2013
July 26, 2013

Construction Update: Week 15

Time is flying by as we continue constructing Ecohabit! This week we finished putting up the bioPCMs, as well as all of the duct work for our custom HVAC system. Our workers are finally free from the summer heat and have been able to work in the air conditioning. We put in our beautiful Sheoga bamboo flooring. The baseboards are finished, and our sheetrock guys are hard at work putting up drywall in the home.

On the outside of our home, we have begun putting up the metal racks that will be supporting our green wall. Also, all of our rain screens on the west wall are installed and looking gorgeous.

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23 Jul 2013
July 23, 2013

Infographic: Solar Shingles

Photovoltawhatchamacallit? Not sure exactly how photovoltaic cells work? Check out this infographic on solar energy and solar shingles!

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