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SAM 2012 - Student Paper Contest

The SAM 2012 Student Paper Committee has identified the following ten papers, listed in random order, as the finalists of the Student Paper Contest. The first author of each of these papers is a full-time student and winner of the ONR Student Travel Grant for attending and presenting his/her work at the Workshop. Winners of the Best Three Paper Awards will be announced at the Banquet

  • "Range Bias Modeling for Hyperbolic Frequency Modulated Waveforms in Target Tracking," by Xiufeng Song, Peter Willett, and Shengli Zhou.

  • "Bias Compensation for Target Tracking from Range Based Maximum Likelihood Position Estimates," by Liyang Rui and Dominic K. C. Ho.

  • "A Subspace Tracking Algorithm for Separating Partially Overlapping Data Packets," by Mu Zhou and Alle Jan van der Veen

  • "Time Division Multiple Access Methods in Bi-Directional Cooperative Relay Networks," by Adrian Schad and Marius Pesavento

  • "Waveform Design for Sequential Detection with Subspace Interference," by Moti Teitel and Joseph Tabrikian

  • "Benefits of collaboration and diversity in teams of categorically-thinking decision makers," by Joong Bum Rhim, Lav R. Varshney and Vivek K Goyal

  • "Wall Mitigation Techniques for Indoor Sensing within the Compressive Sensing Framework," by Eva Lagunas, Moeness Amin, Fauzia Ahmad and Montse Nájar

  • "Hierarchical Particle Filtering for Target Tracking in Multi-Modal Sensor Networks," by Phani Chavali and Arye Nehorai

  • "Decentralized Data Processing and Management in Smart Grid via Gossiping," by Xiao Li, Zhifang Wang, and Anna Scaglione

  • "Limited Field-of-View Multimodal Sensor Adaptation for Data Association," by Sean O'Rourke and Lee Swindlehurst

NoteThe Student Paper Contest is to promote student participation in professional conferences. For any finalists who cannot attend the SAM 2012 Workshop, they are automatically disqualified for any paper awards, and we will have to move to the next best papers in ranking. 


Student Paper Committee:

Hongya Ge, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Nathan Goodman, University of Oklahoma 
Hongbin Li, Stevens Institute of Technology 
Antonio De Maio, University of Naples Federico II 
Xiaodong Wang, Columbia University
Peter Willet, University of Connecticut 


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